TV Time: Alaska Marshals

25 Nov

Hey all!

I’ve been enjoying the family time at home recently, but I thought I would share some cool information with you.

During my family reunion (not the ENTIRE family, but more than I normally get to see), I saw family from Pennsylvania and Alaska. We caught up, ate a lot of food, and, most importantly, spent quality time together. During our talks, however, we all sat back, turned on the television, and watched one of our own on the tube.

My cousin is a U.S. Marshal (great guy who deserves a lot of praise for his hard work and dedication), and he is now on the Discovery Channel show, “Alaska Marshals.” These marshals do what they do, chase down the bad guys, and arrest them, but they also do it in the Alaskan elements.

I’ve seen the first episode. It’s intense ! Watch a clip via YouTube here.

So cuddle up on your warm couch, and watch these brave marshals partake in hunting down some seasoned criminals in the cold. Get more information here & an episode guide here.

Hope the holidays have been wonderful for everyone, and here’s a picture of my reunion: my grandma, three uncles, two aunts, four cousins, brother, dad, and a great time! 


3 Responses to “TV Time: Alaska Marshals”

  1. kelihasablog November 25, 2012 at 9:48 am #

    I will certainly check it out…. My daughter has family in Alaska but they’re all the good guys! 😀

  2. appletonavenue November 26, 2012 at 3:30 pm #

    I’ve seen some of this show. They are indeed special people. Not only doing it in the elements of Alaska, they have to watch out for bad guys as well as bears and wolves.


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