TV Time: King of the Nerds

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Okay. So I know tonight is the finale, so I’m a little late (super late?) bringing this television series into my nerdy light, but I HAD to. My biggest excuse is the fact that TBS just got the GO for season 2. And, yes, you can now apply to compete yourself.

King of the Nerds tests the intellect and varies capabilities of eleven “nerds” (such as a game designer, neurologist, and a NASA employee) as they compete for $100,000 and to be crowned as they sit on the Throne of Games. (Yes. Pun intended.) All of the nerdy action takes place at Nerdvana, and the contestants are hilarious. Even better, there isn’t as much useless drama as you may find on other reality shows (which I, personally, can’t stand about reality television.) Nerds seem to understand what matter, including when emotions get out of hand. 00097787-608003

The show comes on TBS on Thursdays, 10/9c. It’s hosted by Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, both actors are known for their characters in the comedy series, Revenge of the Nerds.

Tonight, I’m really rooting for Ivan to win (mainly because he painted himself red, stood on stilts, gave himself horns, and waved a flaming sword around in the “create your own fantasy world competition.)5cd6f791f96ebcc80870087bbc4dbca7

If you haven’t checked this show out, it’s a new (and definitely a celebration) show about being a “nerd.” If you’re anything like me (definitely nerdy) this show is a wonderful reminder of why being “nerdy” isn’t a bad thing; it’s a great thing! Watch what it’s about, and maybe you’ll forward to season 2 like I am! Click here to visit the show’s home page.


P.S. Thank you for the all congratulations! I’m really excited. I will surely keep you all updated, but I have to clarify that November Snow is already available as paperback (through Amazon) because I got a few questions regarding that.  I also got my first submissions for the cover for Minutes Before Sunset, and I’m working hard to get everything ready!

In other news, an aspiring author, the lovely Lee Paige, wrote a very touching piece about my blog, and I wanted to share it, because it’s a perfect example of how my followers help move me forward (and how I strive to help others move forward.) I want us to achieve our dreams together, and it seems that Lee Paige is a great example of how that dream is happening! Click here to read her piece.

My Author Page is 10 away from hitting 100 followers; it'd make me spin in circles of happiness if I could hit that mark. I may even record it.
My Author Page is 10 away from hitting 100 followers; it’d make me spin in circles of happiness if I could hit that mark. I may even record it. 😀

18 thoughts on “TV Time: King of the Nerds

  1. I caught the show for the first time last week, and I was surprised about how lovable the contestants really are, which sets this show apart from other reality shows.

  2. I caught this show for the first time last week, and I was surprised about how lovable the contestants are, which sets this show apart from other reality shows.

  3. I’ve always wanted to watch this show, but I never saw when it was on TV. I guess I’ll be watching it online from now on 😛 And thank you for the mention! I was surprised and delighted when I saw I had a pingback from you 🙂

  4. Great to hear that King of the Nerds has been accepted for a second season. Love that show! I’ve been rooting for Danielle (pink hair) from the beginning. Genevieve has proven time and again, however, to show grace and intellect under pressure and clearly they all fear her. I enjoy the personalities and the mind sets of the contestants.

    This show does contain what I hate about reality shows in that people conspire to get rid of the most capable people in order to win. That is real life and it is what is wrong with the world. I want something different on TV, I want fair. Until people start working together to accomplish things instead of selfishly grabbing for themselves, the world is a pale mockery of what it could be. Reality sucks and Reality TV sucks. But I do very much enjoy this show in spite of that.

    1. I agree with your last part. It’s one of the aspects of reality TV I don’t like, because the winner hardly ends up being the person who should’ve won (in the sense that the most capable should’ve won.) It often comes down to deception and/or luck. But I guess, in a way, like you said, that’s how life is, and that’s really sad that IS reality.
      I guess the reason King of the Nerds is better for me is the point about how they don’t have as much drama (compared to shows like America’s Next Top Model.)

  5. I’m with you on Ivan, but was disappointed over all (they totally ignored Godzilla fans and music snobs!) It was good to see Booger in drag though =]

  6. I really enjoyed this show, and I’m so happy they’ve been renewed for another season! I wouldn’t last long, though, I don’t know enough about comic books, and that seems to be a fairly large part of it. I’m more of a Tolkien geek.

    I rooted for Genevieve all the way; she won three Nerd Offs, if anyone deserved the title, it was her! I still have mixed feelings about the ending. It shouldn’t come down to a popularity contest, but… we all know what it’s like to be picked last, to be bullied, so, in a way, let them choose who they want to represent them and celebrate their triumph.

    I also really grew to like Virgil. He changed a lot while he was there, and became such an integral part of his team and learned to work with everyone and seemed to really enjoy what he was a part of. When he left and said he just wanted people to be nicer, that it would make the world a better place… that said a lot about him as a person. And when he returned and found his teammates in the final two, and said something along the lines of, as far as I’m concerned, we all won… he was all about teamwork and camaraderie. He would’ve made a good King, too.

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