Movie Mention: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

It’s phenomenal. End of story. Seriously.hansel-gretel-witch-hunters-tops-weekend-box-office

I saw this Sunday night, and I couldn’t get over how fantastic every bit of it was. The characters are rounded–they’re, not only believable, but they complement one another tremendously. Jeremy Renner is a perfect sarcastic killer, while Gemma Arterton reclassifies the badass heroine every fantasy tale deserves. The movie, unlike many, isn’t full of cheesy CGI, but, instead, the characters are carefully constructed with beautifully (I should say “purposely ugly”) done makeup.

I would warn you, though, that the movie is much more gory than I expected it to be. (It is, however, rated R.) Gore doesn’t bother me, so I still enjoyed the flick a lot, but it’s definitely not for young children.

After being tortured by a witch in the woods, Hansel and Gretel devote their lives to hunting other witches, even if their lives are centered in the danger.

Watch the trailer here. (And, if you’re going to the movies, this one is worth considering.)

P.S I have exciting news about a reading/writing event coming soon!


28 thoughts on “Movie Mention: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

    1. I really enjoyed it, but I could see how some people wouldn’t like it because it wasn’t what they expected. Like I said, it’s a lot more gory than the previews made it look like, and it’s less concentrated on the original fairy tale, so critics might be comparing it to fairy tale retellings like “Once Upon a Time” (which I also like, but it’s different than the aspects in this movie)

  1. Looks like Van Helsing got a team mate! Two favourite character actors, looking fwd to it!
    Thanks Shannon, and awaiting beyond the P.S…

  2. Aw, sorry Shannon, just watched the trailer and looks like the team mate got a Van Helsing, ha, ha,!

    1. The gore is prominent.
      I’m unsure how you’ll like it if gore is bothersome, but my friend and I don’t mind it, so I haven’t spoken to anyone who doesn’t like gore who’s seen it, so I am unsure how it effects viewers like that.
      Let me know if you see it!

    2. I’m unsure how you’ll like it if gore is bothersome, but my friend and I don’t mind it, so I haven’t spoken to anyone who doesn’t like gore who’s seen it, so I am unsure how it effects viewers like that.
      Let me know if you see it!

      1. Hey! It finally came out in Australia and i watched it! I enjoyed it and some of the gore bothered me and other parts didn’t. I think the human gore disturbed me however the witches’ gore didn’t. Like when the witches are all gathered together and they are fighting, that didn’t bother me, in fact i laughed!

  3. Your writeup really makes me want to go see that. If only it weren’t on the other side of the door, that place between inside and outside. I will keep it in mind for once it is viewable inside. A shame my wife can’t handle violence or suspense. As a young girl the flying monkeys in the movie Wizard of Oz gave her nightmares for six months!

  4. Hey Shannon thnx for the review. Did you find the 3D added to it or can a shave a few bucks to see it regular?

  5. When I first saw the trailer, I thought it looked kind of stupid, to be honest. But now I’m hearing great things about it, so I guess I should go check it out 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, I love fairy tales — but after the debacle that was Snow White and the Huntsman, I’ve been wary of fairy tale movies.

    1. If I had to compare it to Snow White and the Huntsman, I’d saw Hansel & Gretel blew it away.
      I saw both in theaters, and I remember being unable to take Snow White and the Huntsman seriously (and this was before the scandal broke out), but Hansel & Gretel entertained me through the end.
      It’s very Vans Helsing though.

  6. Thank you! I have been wanting to watch this since I first heard of it. And then the reviews came out and they all said it was a waste of time. So I put it off in disappointment. While I’m a bit squeamish about gore, your positive review breathed new life into it for me. I’m going to have to go see it. 🙂

  7. This is on my list of movies to go see. Love Jeremy Renner….so that in and of itself has me sold!! Glad you loved it!

  8. I was on the edge about this movie. The concept seemed silly to me but I like the actors in this movie. I think I’ll actually give it a go this weekend now.

  9. I may have to go check this out, but I certainly hope it’s better than Van Helsing! You should read my latest review on “The Last Exorcism” on my blog page. 🙂

  10. Just watched Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner and thought it a great Saturday night flick. Some violence, of course, little swearing, no sex, and an intelligent plotline. Please, Hollywood, make more movies like this!

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