Happy Father’s Day

I was supposed to write about why I won’t give up on writing and publishing today, but then I decided I wanted to celebrate Father’s Day instead (because it’s an important holiday for me.) However, I will be posting “Why I Won’t Give Up” on Tuesday, so look out for that.

Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington in the early 20th century, and since then it’s become a successful world wide phenomenon. I think this is a beautiful thing, because it shows how much people care for their family while dedicating an ENTIRE day to be grateful for their fathers, grandfathers, and other people in general. I know plenty of people who celebrate Father’s Day with uncles, friends, or any type of father figure.

So what am I doing to celebrate Father’s Day?

I’m spending time with my dad–Robert Thompson–and I simply wanted to share how amazing this man is and how proud I am to have him as my dad.

My dad is really adventurous and outgoing.

He’s taught me to try new things while also showing an appreciation for nature and traveling. We try to take a trip together every year, and it’s one of my favorite things to do, because I love spending time with my dad. The photo on the left is one of his favorite pastimes: archery. The photo on the right is something he also loves: white water rafting. Fun fact: the company he rafted with use his picture as a promotional photo. My dad is fearless, and I really look up to him for his strength and confidence.


He’s Taught Me Beyond What I Thought I’d Know

When I was little, my dad taught me gymnastics (he used to play football, rugby, soccer, and gymnastics when he was in high school.) As I got older, I wanted to write, and my dad supported me despite not being a huge reader. On top of that, he didn’t only teach me stereotypical things “girls” should know. He taught me how to hunt, fish, and even drive a stick (which I still do today!) So the photo below is from the day he surprised me with my manual car and taught me how to drive it in April of 2010.


Thank you, Dad–for being such a great father.

My dad also raised my brother and I single-handedly since our mother–and his wife–died, so he had to take on the mother role throughout my teenage years, which I find very astounding, because he was strong, and he showed me how to strive to live with happiness even in the most difficult times.



Feel free to share your story below, and don’t hesitate if the person you are celebrating isn’t the stereotypical father. (Meaning: I celebrate Mother’s Day with my father. I have friends who consider their close friends their father.) Father’s Day is for anyone who can stand in that place and bring direction and happiness to a person’s life–young, old, woman, man, etc. And I’d like to wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day!

One last thing: If you all recall, Minutes Before Sunset needed nominations for “Book of the Month” on Goodreads, and you all succeeded! But I need votes. PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING THE LINK. I need all of the support I can get 😀 

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29 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day

  1. Your father looks lovely and he sound very cool! All credit to him especially today on his special day 🙂 Mine is away holidaying in Tenerife at the moment so I can’t even text him a “Happy Father’s Day!” but I sent him a present to take with him 🙂 Feels strange though! Don’t know why when we live up opposite ends of the country and it’s been many years since we were together on this day, and our joint circumstances mean that family get togethers are rare anyway, but his being out of the country altogether today feels a little lonesome somehow. But that said, I’m happy that he’s on holiday regardless, as it will be far more enjoyable for him out there chilling in the sun that back here in grey windy England!!
    Have a lovely day with your father and I hope you both enjoy it immensely 🙂

    1. I hope you get to see your father soon :] Sounds like he’s enjoying himself!
      Thank you for your kinds words and stories about traveling. I’ve never been to the Canary Islands, but they look so beautiful.

  2. Congrats for your wonderful dad. I feel the same about mine who is 82 and healthy!

    Sent from my iPhone

      1. How funny. I saw that I was “auto-corrected”. That Beverly word should have said “be very”. But I bet you figured that out already.

  3. Thank You for the like and following of my Father’s Day blog. You can not give up on your writing!!! I will return on Tuesday, and vote as well, but I am quite certain you Love Your Art, TOO MUCH TO STOP. You are also AN AWESOME DAUGHTER, your Father’s Day blog tells the WORLD “THAT STORY”. Have a GREAT DAY with your father.

    1. Awwww. Thanks for bringing a big smile to my face. I do love it too much to give up. I often tell me I’m incapable of giving up. Writing is more than my personality; it’s me. I loved your blog today! So great. Thank you again.

      1. Hi There, I joined the book club yesterday and even purchased your book via my nook, (so I could read it on the train on my way to work), but when I tried yesterday and today to vote. It said I had to be in a group. Sorry I do not know what is going on and I have had replies from friends I ask to join and they got the same results. My full name is Tadewi Foley and that is how I joined and name I used when I tried to vote. If you could help me out I would past the word along and get my vote in for you. 😦

      2. Oh! Yes. A lot of people are having this problem. You must join the group, which you can by clicking the button at the top. I believe it’s called “Making Connections.” Let me know if that helps.

  4. I always admire someone who can drive a manual because I definitely can’t lol.

    Your dad is definitely special because he taught you how to.

    My Dad is great too, but in different ways. This morning, he just randomly told me: “Make sure you don’t fall asleep in your car while the air conditioner is on. The toxic fumes could kill you.”

    Like WTF?????

    Gee, thanks Dad. 🙂

    1. hahha Great piece of advice right there!
      Thank you for voting for Minutes Before Sunset btw. I shared your name on this website, and I will continue to do so as voting continues. Could use all the support I can get 😀

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