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#MondayBlogs: Why Writing is Better Than Sex


Today is Monday, which brings us #MondayBlogs – a.k.a. guest writer day! Every Monday, a fellow blogger will be covering a topic revolving around reading and writing, and today’s topic is obviously rather humorous, but it’s also an infograph. If you want to be a guest blogger, check out the information below the infograph. Before that though, read this spicy piece, brought to you by Global English Editing.

Why Writing is Better Than Sex


Want to be a guest blogger? I sure want you to be one! I am accepting guest posts that focus on reading and writing. No blatant advertisements. You are allowed to mention your publications with book links as long as it’s relevant to the post. Including a bio and a picture is encouraged. You do not have to be published. If you qualify, please email me at I’ll look forward to hearing from you!


24 thoughts on “#MondayBlogs: Why Writing is Better Than Sex

  1. Published writing exists for eternity? I don’t think so, and even if it did that will not impress us much after we have croaked.u

  2. Sounds like I’m in the minority here, but my first reaction is that I think the creator of the graphic learned and/or has been having sex with the wrong person (people?). :~)

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