Website Wonders

Website Wonders:

Every month, I share all of the websites I come across that I find helpful, humorous, or just awesome. Below, you’ll find all of May’s Website Wonders categorized into Publishing, Vocabulary Fun, Reading, Social Media, and Just for Fun (a.k.a. cats, art, and futuristic things).

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Surviving the Slush Pile: written by Sherry Ficklin, best-selling author and gatekeeper of Clean Teen Publishing, this article has amazing tips and pointers for those struggling to get a contract. (She also makes a call for submissions!)

Vocabulary Fun:

14 Words That Are Their Own Opposites: Ex. Sanction (To give permission or to oppose a penalty on)

23 Perfect Words for Emotions You Never Realized Anyone Else Felt: Sonder . . . the realization that everyone passing you by has their own life.

Origins of Words and Phrases: Why do we say it’s raining cats and dogs?

27 Brilliant Words You Didn’t Know You Needed: Errorist. I feel like one of these quite often. 



12 Books About Social Injustice: This is a great list.

12 Great Overlooked Books for Living Minimally: Lots of self-help books about positive living.

The 20 Best Opening Lines for Books: Might strike an idea for writers struggling to write their own opening line!

Books To Be Considered Well Read: Just for fun!

Social Media:

Canva: Create YouTube channel art and more! Full disclosure: This was sent to me by a representative for review, and I think it’s a great website if you need a forum where things are simplified. They also provide fonts and photos, but most of them do cost a few dollars. That being said, they have free options. It’s worth checking out.

Just For Fun (A.k.a. Cats, art, futuristic stuff):

 Cat Con La: Cat Con is a thing. And Simon’s Cat creator will be there! I love him.

Artists Uses Discarded Keys To Create Unique Décor: This is beyond magnificent.

A Timeline of the Future: So cool!

I hope you enjoyed these! See you with more Website Wonders next month!


6 thoughts on “Website Wonders

  1. Wow, I’ve read only 15 in the Books to Read to Be Considered Well Read quiz. And some were even required school readings. Haha! The words in the third link (Sonder, etc.) are relatable!

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