Book Release! Bad Bloods: July Thunder

Bad Bloods: July Thunder released today!   Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads I hope you enjoy the latest addition to the Bad Bloods universe! As the author, I can tell you that you will meet TONS of new bad bloods. (My personal favorite is Skeleton. He was born a healthy baby boy, but he is slowly turning… Continue reading Book Release! Bad Bloods: July Thunder


#BookRelease Bad Bloods: November Rain!

Bad Bloods: November Rain released TODAY! Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Smashwords, Goodreads I cannot express how grateful I am to be here today. Bad Bloods was my first publication, but it is so much more than that. On March 16, 2003, my mother suddenly passed away from a drug overdose, and I was left with an overwhelming range… Continue reading #BookRelease Bad Bloods: November Rain!

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#WW Judging An Author’s Life

Judging An Author’s Life Recently—and by “recently” I mean a month ago—I posted this photo on my Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and . . . well, pretty much anywhere on the Internet that I have an account on. To my surprise, (and still to my confusion), I received a bit a slack for this. It… Continue reading #WW Judging An Author’s Life


#WW I Avoided Certain Books. Here’s Why.

#WW I Avoided Certain Books. Here’s Why. Right now, I’m basically reading all the novels I’ve avoided over the past year or so. Why did I avoid these reads? I can honestly just guess—since it’s difficult to remember—but I thought it’d make for an interesting topic. The first novel I picked up was The 5th… Continue reading #WW I Avoided Certain Books. Here’s Why.

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#MondayBlogs: The Thing About Author Interviews

Intro: If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Jonas Lee. He’s a fantastic author—both as a writer and as a supportive participant in the Indie community. I’ve even had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed via Google+ and appearing later on his YouTube channel (which you can watch… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: The Thing About Author Interviews

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#WW Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal and News

#WW Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal and News I’m sure you’ve already seen it by now, but the cover of Death Before Daylight released by Clean Teen Publishing today! (Insert fangirl scream.) First, I want to thank all of the websites that helped me: Crazy Beautiful, Ennlee's Reading Corner, Red Sands Reviews and Ramblings, The Modest… Continue reading #WW Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal and News

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#WW Love Triangles

#WW: Love Triangles Opening note: I’m trying to create more YouTube videos, and this is one of my first ones where I discuss a fiction opinion over my channel, Coffee & Cats. I’m more comfortable writing my thoughts because I feel like I can express more, so I am trying this format: an article that… Continue reading #WW Love Triangles

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Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal

I first want to thank everyone who took my poll on November 1st! For those of you who asked for more YouTube videos, you watched a secret video on my YouTube channel - Coffee & Cats - and you got to see the cover one day early. Check it out below if you want. I plan… Continue reading Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal


The Please-Help-Shannon Poll

Announcements: Special thanks goes out to Omar Bula Escobar - former UN representative and author of "El Plan Maestro" - for translating and sharing a quote from Minutes Before Sunset yesterday on his website! In my latest interview, I was asked if I have a message for my fans, and I do! Click here to read… Continue reading The Please-Help-Shannon Poll

Author Announcements

Author Announcements

Author Announcements: Yesterday was my two-year anniversary of blogging here on ShannonAThompson.com. For that reason, I would like to thank each and every one of you for liking, sharing, and commenting on my website as we move forward into the future. A special thanks goes out to my top five commenters – Charles Yallowitz, Mishka… Continue reading Author Announcements