Give An Author A Second Chance

Recently I came across a poll on Twitter. How many times do you give an author a chance before you swear off their work indefinitely? Before I get into what everyone said, please take a minute to consider this question for yourself. Do you pick up every book someone writes and try it out? Do… Continue reading Give An Author A Second Chance

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#WW I’m Leaving Again (But wait. There’s more.)

I’m leaving again. I know. I know. WHAT?! Didn’t you just get back from Penned Con in St. Louis? Yes. Yes, I did. And—by the way—Penned Con was wonderful, and I plan on writing all about it as soon as I return. That being said, I’m off to Atlanta today. In fact, right as you’re… Continue reading #WW I’m Leaving Again (But wait. There’s more.)

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Minutes Before Sunset Release Day!

Minutes Before Sunset has officially released! Available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, and everywhere. (You can also pre-order Seconds Before Sunrise and Death Before Daylight) I’ve also make a special “thank you” video that you can now watch via my YouTube channel, Coffee & Cats. http://youtu.be/vLLuP7LrrWY Minutes Before Sunset, book 1 Two destinies. One… Continue reading Minutes Before Sunset Release Day!