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When A Character Does Something You Dislike

I read a lot. I also read reviews, though I tend to read reviews after I have read a book myself. Why? Well, I used to rely on reviews to pick books, but now I tend to rely on a trusted few (and my own gut) to pick and choose. Even so, my interest in… Continue reading When A Character Does Something You Dislike


Writers and Vocabulary

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write.” The famous Stephen King said it, and so many more agree. I vehemently say this to every writer I know. Why? Because it amazes me how many writers don’t read on a regular basis. By reading, you’re expanding… Continue reading Writers and Vocabulary


#MondayBlogs So, You Want To Be A Book Blogger

I must clarify one thing before I start: I am not a book blogger, but I used to be—for about three years—and I still post book reviews on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc. I also help authors connect with book bloggers every day. I’m an author myself, after all. I know how… Continue reading #MondayBlogs So, You Want To Be A Book Blogger

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#MondayBlogs: Criticizing Wrongly

Intro: We’ve all seen it happen. Someone reviewing a novel by stating, “There’s romance in this, and I don’t like romance. One star.”…on a romance novel. Or someone attacks a book because they don’t agree with the content…and when you read it, you can’t find that content. Book reviewing is a tricky (and sometimes) confusing… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: Criticizing Wrongly

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#MondayBlogs: The Importance of Goosebumps

Intro: Today's guest blogger deserves a huge round of applause. Not only does he spread the love for reading via his blog, November Notebook, he also teaches English to middle school students. In addition, Grant Goodman is talking about a series of books that filled my childhood, and I'm sure you're familiar with these novels… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: The Importance of Goosebumps


March Ketchup

March’s Ketchup Another month has passed, and during the month of March, we were able to meet more guest bloggers, read more news, and discover additional websites for writers and readers. For those of you just now checking in this month, Ketchup actually means “catch up”. At the end of every month, I write these… Continue reading March Ketchup

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Finding Interesting Quotes

Announcements: Bookstore Browser reviewed Minutes Before Sunset, stating, "The book sets up a great world, with interesting characters and storyline as a great start to the trilogy." Check out the entire review by clicking here. ... Finding Interesting Quotes Quotes. We love them. I rarely log onto any social media site without seeing some quote… Continue reading Finding Interesting Quotes


Coffee & Cats: Episode 6

Announcements: I hope you enjoyed my interview on Whispers in the Dark last night. If you didn’t have a chance to listen to it, don’t worry! You can listen to it right now by clicking here. In other news, People Like Books posted an interview with their review of Take Me Tomorrow, and you can… Continue reading Coffee & Cats: Episode 6

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The Pros and Cons of Setting Writing Deadlines

Announcements:  Today's HUGE thank you goes out to DJ FRESH, one of the most influential muso’s in the South African music industry, for quoting Seconds Before Sunrise book 2 of The Timely Death Trilogy yesterday afternoon. Moments like these are unforgettable, especially since I have some wonderful music to follow! Also, I would like to thank Rebekka.B for reviewing Take Me… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Setting Writing Deadlines

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Why Are Parents Dead in Fiction?

Announcements: ShannonAThompson.com hit 18,000 followers! As a surprise, I shared the meaning behind all the chapter titles in Take Me Tomorrow on my Facebook page. Every chapter title is actually a direct quote from the chapter you’re about to read. This is to represent the clairvoyant drug, tomo, since it allows takers to experience the future. For… Continue reading Why Are Parents Dead in Fiction?