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#WW: The New Cover of Minutes Before Sunset Revealed!

Small announcement: Facebook removed over 50 likes from my author page this week. You might have been one of them. Currently, FB is removing inactive accounts across all pages, but many are reporting active members being removed. Please visit my Facebook page and make sure we're still connected. ... The New Cover of Minutes Before Sunset… Continue reading #WW: The New Cover of Minutes Before Sunset Revealed!

Writing Tips

Writing Tips: Food in Fiction

Announcements: Read Watch and Think read Take Me Tomorrow and asked, “Why do I have a feeling that the author hates the fragile nature of my brain?” She reviewed my latest novel by stating, "I have a feeling that there should be a sequel. (In case there in no sequel planned, the author can totally expect… Continue reading Writing Tips: Food in Fiction


May’s Ketchup

May's Ketchup is here! But it will be VERY different from my usual Ketchup. Since guest bloggers represented two weeks this month, I won't have a place for guest bloggers. Instead, I will organize it according to popularity and subject, linking to both the post and the guest bloggers' websites. I also didn't upload any… Continue reading May’s Ketchup


Marking Mother’s Day with Bookmarks

Special thanks goes out to Tony Jaa, actor and martial artist, for quoting my latest novel, Seconds Before Sunrise, on his official Twitter page. Known for Ong-Bak, Fast and Furious 7, and his stunt work in the Mortal Kombat Annihilation, visit Tony Jaa on Twitter and Facebook. Check out my latest interview with Confessions of a Book… Continue reading Marking Mother’s Day with Bookmarks


My Interview with David Congalton, writer of “Authors Anonymous”

Three announcements before we begin today: My progress bar is updated on the right side of my page. You might notice that my next manuscript - the mysterious “TMT” - is now named: Take Me Tomorrow. More information is coming soon! Confessions of a Book Geek will be featuring Minutes Before Sunset, and you’ll be able… Continue reading My Interview with David Congalton, writer of “Authors Anonymous”