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What It’s Like Going Unpublished for Five Years

My last published novel - Bad Bloods: July Lightning - released on July 24, 2017. Five years ago.  That fact can feel pretty staggering some days. Obviously, more so when the anniversary comes up than other times of the year. But alas, here we are, standing at a time of reflection.  Back in 2017, I… Continue reading What It’s Like Going Unpublished for Five Years

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#WW The 90-10 Rule for Marketing and Writing, and How To Love It.

I recently attended the 101st Annual Missouri Writers’ Guild Conference, and a lot of aspiring authors asked about how much marketing they would be expected to do. One instance in particular seemed to shock many. Janell Walden Agyerman from Marie Brown Literary Agency stated most of her authors followed the 90-10 rule. What’s the 90-10… Continue reading #WW The 90-10 Rule for Marketing and Writing, and How To Love It.

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#MondayBlogs: My Writer’s Story: Different to the One I Imagined

Intro: While many claim there is one publishing formula, there are hundreds, and the more writers you meet, the more variations of publishing journeys you hear. I find them fascinating, and I’m always eager to hear another’s story. Today’s writer is sharing his. Welcome author Shane Joseph. Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in guest… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: My Writer’s Story: Different to the One I Imagined

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#SATurday The Sting of #BookRelease Day

Release days are like bees. (How’s that simile?) If you’re like me, you both hate and love bees…and I’m unusually (and pathetically) terrified of them…even though I’ve only been stung once…and even then, I hated them long before one stung me at a bus stop while I was innocently sitting, doing nothing to deserve the… Continue reading #SATurday The Sting of #BookRelease Day

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#BookRelease Seconds Before Sunrise Evolution Day!

Holy Dark! We are here! Book 2 of The Timely Death Trilogy, Seconds Before Sunrise, releases today. (And the last book releases in two weeks!) Before I tell you to check out the sequel here—Okay. Fine. Here’s Amazon and Barnes & Noble—I wanted to tell you a little about my journey up until this point.… Continue reading #BookRelease Seconds Before Sunrise Evolution Day!

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When to Stop Writing

When to Stop Writing This post is inspired by a comment that happened on my Facebook Author Page recently. The other day, writer – Angie Neto – asked me a fantastic question I’m sure all writers can relate to: “Were you nervous when you published your first novel? I have edited, rewritten and changed chapters… Continue reading When to Stop Writing


Why Are Authors “Hating” On One Another?

Website Update: We hit 9,000 followers on the 19th! That means a HUGE giveaway is coming soon. If you'd like your book to be a part of it, please email me at Other than that, THANK YOU for all of your dedicated support and heartfelt encouragement.  There are many authors and writers out there,… Continue reading Why Are Authors “Hating” On One Another?