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My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!

My next novel - Take Me Tomorrow - is almost here!  We even have a Facebook Page. Please like it by clicking here I know, right? The cover is already here, and the novel is closer than you think. Only a few months away actually.  AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is expecting to release it on July… Continue reading My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!


Book of the Month: Minutes Before Sunset!

If you read the live updates, then you already knew this, but I wanted to post about it for those who follow me strictly on this website.Minutes Before Sunset is officially Goodreads Book of the Month for July.You can join the discussion by clicking here.You're encouraged to discuss what you think about the novel and/or thinking… Continue reading Book of the Month: Minutes Before Sunset!


It’s My Birthday :D

At 2:05 p.m. in Allentown, Pennsylvania, I was born today--22 years ago! Fact of the Day: Most "super" supermoon (the perigee full moon) happens today at 6:32 a.m. (CDT) It'll be the closest and fullest moon of the year! I have to admit how excited I am for this. I've always been a sucker for… Continue reading It’s My Birthday 😀


Update & Goodreads Nomination

I have exciting news, and I could really use some Goodreads help! My novel, Minutes Before Sunset, was nominated for Book of the Month for July, and it's in the initial voting process. If you have a Goodreads, I'd love if you could follow this link and second Christie on message 19. It'd really help… Continue reading Update & Goodreads Nomination