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My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!

My next novel – Take Me Tomorrow – is almost here!  We even have a Facebook Page. Please like it by clicking here

I know, right?

The cover is already here, and the novel is closer than you think. Only a few months away actually.  AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is expecting to release it on July 17, 2014. Normally, I do a cover reveal, but I am trying something new because I want to share your websites here on

How can you share your website here on

In the comments below, guess what this novel is about and/or ask a question. Be sure to leave a link to your website, and I will link to it on my next post when I answer everyone’s questions and guesses this Friday!

Be sure to take a close look at the cover of Take Me Tomorrow: If you’ve been with me for a while, you know there are more hints scattered throughout this website.


Have fun! 


44 thoughts on “My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!

  1. Shannon, is this a new series? The cover is absolutely fantastic! And how did you finish another book so quickly? It seems like the others just came out. You are amazing.

  2. Shannon, you are quite an accomplished young woman, and it’s charming to meet you. Your books sound intriguing. Thank you for visiting my blog.
    Blessings on your success,

  3. I hope you’d give me the opportunity to read your work, Shannon! The cover looks amazing and surely this will be another page-turning novel from you!

  4. I have a feeling this book’s about two teens who steal cars for a living then get kidnapped by Lithuanian drug lords who force them to spend the rest of their life inside a giant dog’s anus. Am I close?

  5. We’ll dear. I’m guessing that it is set in Ireland, and that it is a romantic story about a young couple who are in the business of growing potatoes in muddy fields. I also guess that it is set in the olden days and that the boy wants to elope with the girl on a big ship to find their fortunes in New York, or Liverpool, but probably New York.
    Any road, she doesn’t want to go on the day that he is after her going because she has to help her father with picking the potatoes what with him having a bad back an’all, so she Says to him “take me tomorrow”
    I reckon that he only has tickets for that very afternoon, so he goes to New York or Liverpool, but probably New York, with his brother, and they make a fortune, but he never forgets her, and so he sends for her and her father and pays their passage over, and when they get their they get married and a top physician cures the fathers back. And the brother marries an American girl, or a Scouse girl but probably an American girl.
    Am I right?
    What do I win?

  6. Hm, I’m going to guess that one of the couple (the girl?) has a really bad illness. She has to go to Canada to get discounts on her prescription and he promises to ‘take her tomorrow.’ But something happens and for some reason, he can’t take her and she ignores his calls, but it was a really legit reason! Like, his mom fainted or something. So he’s trying to convince her that he’s serious about being with her and it turns out he’s contracted an illness that’s just as serious and they have to go to Canada together.
    If that’s not it, I might need to write ‘Love and Other Drugs’ fanfiction because that could be a cool plot.

  7. Terminal illness is my guess. Interestingly, I have a character in my next novel for whom this is extremely significant. Hope we’re not writing the same thing. 🙂 And by the way, I LOVE this cover.

  8. I’m seeing a lot of reluctance in the girl. To me it looks like the story is going to revolve around her boyfriends desire for the two of them to escape small-town life, and her holding back from making the decision to leave. I think she secretly loves someone else, but that they don’t return the feelings because she has been unable to express them. She is trying to let the current boyfriend down gently, but needs the security of being in a relationship, and can’t move on, until she has plucked up the courage to tell the other person how she feels.
    At least, that’s my guess.

  9. Great cover. I think it’s about a person who is very sick. The angel of death comes along and she begs for one more day, saying “Take me tomorrow.” She is given medicine that will last only 24 hours and she and her boyfriend enjoy one more day not thinking about her illness.

  10. Very excited for you Shannon! I hope the book works out just great for you! I won’t even guess what the story line is – I’d just be hopelessly wrong!

  11. Shannon, congratulations on your new novel, Take Me Tomorrow! The cover is beautiful. My reactions: The importance of relationships/connecting with others and trust seem to be important themes.

    The remote setting and lack of color or greenery symbolize hardships, bleakness that will be part of the book’s storyline.

    The title itself and the “Rx” symbol included in the title indicate a serious health problem. Perhaps one of the characters is struggling with impending death and trying to come to terms with mortality.

    This was fun! I can’t wait to see the book’s actual description 🙂

    1. Thank you! I am glad everyone is having so much fun with it. I am delighted and blown away by everyone’s guesses (Some of the guesses could be novels all on their own!) so thank you for reading and commenting. :]

  12. Wonderful!!! I hope you have great success with it!! Thanks so much for following me too!! Check out my older posts whenever you want!! 🙂

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