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#WW I’m Leaving Again (But wait. There’s more.)

I’m leaving again. I know. I know. WHAT?! Didn’t you just get back from Penned Con in St. Louis? Yes. Yes, I did. And—by the way—Penned Con was wonderful, and I plan on writing all about it as soon as I return. That being said, I’m off to Atlanta today. In fact, right as you’re… Continue reading #WW I’m Leaving Again (But wait. There’s more.)


June’s Ketchup

June’s Ketchup Eek! June is coming to a sunny end, and July is approaching as fast as a bottle rocket. (Fourth of July references are fun.) We are SO close to the release of Minutes Before Sunset. In fact, we’re officially less than a month away. (Eek again!) I’m undeniably excited, and I cannot thank… Continue reading June’s Ketchup

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Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging

Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging Shannon is back. After 32 days, I can no longer stay away. Idling is not my thing. But I collected my thoughts and worries and concerns, and I found a new road I want to take on ShannonAThompson.com. Wait? There are changes? Yes. There will be changes, but I sincerely… Continue reading Surprise! Shannon’s Return to Blogging

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My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!

My next novel - Take Me Tomorrow - is almost here!  We even have a Facebook Page. Please like it by clicking here I know, right? The cover is already here, and the novel is closer than you think. Only a few months away actually.  AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is expecting to release it on July… Continue reading My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!


My Writing Process Blog Tour

Lots of announcements to share before I begin today’s blog post! As we near the release date of Seconds Before Sunrise (17 days to be exact), I am gathering so much support from lovely readers and writers that I want to share. So thank you to everyone. The people below, though, get an extra thanks… Continue reading My Writing Process Blog Tour


My Dream: Seconds Before Sunrise on Goodreads & Extras

Happy Friday! Today is a REALLY exciting day for me because I’m sharing two new things regarding Seconds Before Sunrise. First, we’re on Goodreads. You’ll be able to see a shortened synopsis until December 1. Then you’ll see the cover as well as the full synopsis. Add it to your Goodreads bookshelf today! (Who knows? You… Continue reading My Dream: Seconds Before Sunrise on Goodreads & Extras


Anthology & Announcements

I have A LOT of announcements to make, but I don't want to overwhelm any one with a post simply filled with a checklist of things I need to say (I do have this checklist by the way...in a notebook...on a pink post-it note...ripping slightly in half as I read off of it.) So, for… Continue reading Anthology & Announcements


Seconds Before Sunrise

So you've read Minutes Before Sunset, and you've been wondering: where is Seconds Before Sunrise? Well, I'm here to tell you.  As of now, AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is still expecting to release it this Fall (Sept. 21 - Dec. 21) and I will let you know if this changes. The cover is currently under… Continue reading Seconds Before Sunrise


Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!

Happy Hump Day! I had a really good time celebrating soldiers on Memorial Day, and I hope everyone thanked someone they're proud of. I know I sure did :] Today's post is all about the winners of the signed paperbacks of Minutes Before Sunset. Congratulations to these five wonderful writers, readers, and dreamers: 1. she… Continue reading Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!