Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!

Happy Hump Day! I had a really good time celebrating soldiers on Memorial Day, and I hope everyone thanked someone they’re proud of. I know I sure did :] Today’s post is all about the winners of the signed paperbacks of Minutes Before Sunset. Congratulations to these five wonderful writers, readers, and dreamers:

1. she writes love in ink (address received)

2. Amber Skye Forbes (address received)

3. Michelle Proulx (address needed)

My Facebook Page surpassed 300 followers! Thank you!
My Facebook Page surpassed 300 followers! Thank you!

4. Tabatha Cloud (address received)

5. Ky Grabowski (address received)

And, of course, previous winner, L. Marie (address received)

If indicated, please send an address to ShannonAThompson@aol.com

But I have more exciting news!

Minutes Before Sunset’s paperback is available as a preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! I’m excited, because  both companies have indicated that they will ship the novels on June 14, 2013. If you’re interested in preordering the paperback, click the links: Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble

I also want to update the ratings from the three websites with the most reviews:

Amazon: 4.4 Stars

Barnes & Noble: 4.5 Stars

Goodreads: 4.78

Again, congrats to the winners! On Friday, I’m planning on posting another Writing Tips, but if you have something you’d like to read about, let me know, and I’ll credit your blog. (I’ll always share reviews and such as well.) And don’t forget that you can receive a free ebook if you’d like to do a review (and your blog will be shared on all of my websites!)

Looking forward to future postings!


Goodreads Quote of the Day: ““…it’s my job to lead you to success, and if you fail, it’s because I failed, not you.’” (Spoken by Bracke, told by Eric) Minutes Before Sunset, Shannon A. Thompson

7 thoughts on “Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!

  1. Hey Shannon,

    Just the finest of points, but a friend and wife of a soldier told me that Memorial Day is for remembering the fallen, and Veterans’ Day is especially for saying thanks.    She also said “Anytime we say thanks to a soldier is a good thing.”     For what it’s worth….

    Regards, Val   Click here to visit our website


  2. Hi Shannon. Wanted to say thank you for following my blog and it’s very commendable that you acknowledge the sacrifices made by men and women you may not even know. Kudos.

    1. Of course! You’re welcome. Good to have you on board :] And sacrifice, to me, often leads to happiness, success, and safety. It’s vital, and I value it immensely.

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