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#WW How to Manage a Book Launch

Launching a book is chaotic, exciting, and fun, but it can also be daunting. What ads do I take out? How do I get reviews? When should I get reviews? Should I create teasers? WHAT DO I DO? Simply put, there’s a different answer for everyone, especially when you consider your audience and genre, but I… Continue reading #WW How to Manage a Book Launch


#MondayBlogs Content Disclosures for Novels

Recently, my content disclosure tree for Bad Bloods released by Clean Teen Publishing. What is a content disclosure tree? Well, I’ll leave that up to my publisher to define on their website. (Click here to read the definition. If you want to read my full content disclosure tree for Bad Bloods, click November Rain and November… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Content Disclosures for Novels


#SATurdate: Salt to the Sea, Death Note, The Turncoat’s Gambit, & Tallulah

What I’m Writing: Honestly, I go through phases where I dread writing. Mainly because I’m stretching myself too thin and/or trying to find my footing in my next project. I think I’m in the middle of both of those issues. I have three completed manuscripts—one of which needs editing—I want to start something new, but… Continue reading #SATurdate: Salt to the Sea, Death Note, The Turncoat’s Gambit, & Tallulah


June’s Ketchup

Another month has passed, and with it, came the summer and my 25th birthday. GEEZ. For those of you just now checking in this month, Ketchup actually means “catch up.” At the end of every month, I write these posts describing what goes on behind the scenes at ShannonAThompson.com. Some of the topics I cover… Continue reading June’s Ketchup

Writing Tips

#WW Writing Tips: Build Your Vocabulary

Vocabulary. It’s definitely a necessity for writing a book. A novel, after all, is written with words. It’s built on the structure, the sound, and the meaning behind every word you use, so naturally, building an extensive vocabulary is a vital aspect of every writer’s life. That being said, it’s not as easy as it… Continue reading #WW Writing Tips: Build Your Vocabulary

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#MondayBlogs Authors, Add Extras to Books

Writing a book is long process often filled with notes, maps, character charts, soundtracks, and Sticky Notes. If a novel is 350 pages long, there’s probably a stack of papers twice that high that led up to the publication of it. Whether it was an editorial letter or a rewrite or a list of background… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Authors, Add Extras to Books


#SATurdate: The Jungle Book, Thunderclap, and Through the Looking Glass

What I’m Writing: This week I finished my initial edit of D, and now that I’ve cranked that entire manuscript out in a ridiculous amount of time, Shannon is taking a much-needed break. But hey! I have three novels complete and ready to pursue publication. I'm sure I'll recover from writers' burnout soon. What I’m… Continue reading #SATurdate: The Jungle Book, Thunderclap, and Through the Looking Glass


#SATurdate: MWG Conference, The Crown, Allergies, and Silicon Valley

Since last Saturday was a Ketchup post, this Saturdate post covers two weeks of information. TWO WEEKS?! Yes. Two weeks. What I’m Writing: Okay! This is CRAZY, but I finished writing D, clocking in at 92,722 words! I’m officially in the editing stages, which is perfect, because this past week, I actually received some AWESOME… Continue reading #SATurdate: MWG Conference, The Crown, Allergies, and Silicon Valley

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#SATurday: Eight-Year Anniversary of Publishing, a.k.a. WHAT?

Yesterday, July 17, marked my eight-year anniversary of my very first published novel, November Snow. Coincidentally, it was also my one-year anniversary of Take Me Tomorrow (my last published novel with my old publisher). Both novels are currently unavailable, and neither novels had a lot of time on the market…although I hope one day they… Continue reading #SATurday: Eight-Year Anniversary of Publishing, a.k.a. WHAT?


Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!

Happy Hump Day! I had a really good time celebrating soldiers on Memorial Day, and I hope everyone thanked someone they're proud of. I know I sure did :] Today's post is all about the winners of the signed paperbacks of Minutes Before Sunset. Congratulations to these five wonderful writers, readers, and dreamers: 1. she… Continue reading Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!