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Happy Paperback!

Announcements: I would like to thank an Industry Leader in Cheerleading News - @cheerUPDATES – for sharing the first quote from Take Me Tomorrow on Twitter (with a slight, creative change.) The word-for-word quote from the novel is "As much as I didn’t want to recognize it, we had grown into one another somewhere along… Continue reading Happy Paperback!

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Paperback Published & Spotlight Interview

WEBSITE UPDATE: If you all recall, Minutes Before Sunset needed nominations for "Book of the Month" on Goodreads, and you all succeeded! But I need votes. PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING THE LINK. I need all of the support I can get 😀 Thank you for voting: Gregory S. Lamb, Christina Channelle, Amber Forbes, Bob Williams, Marie… Continue reading Paperback Published & Spotlight Interview

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I’m Back :]

I've returned from my vacation, and I am so excited, because I returned to passing 8,000 followers 😀 Thank you for the coming home present. I'm truly blessed to be gifted with so much encouragement, and I'm working hard to get more novels out along with writing and publishing tips. But what am I… Continue reading I’m Back :]


Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!

Happy Hump Day! I had a really good time celebrating soldiers on Memorial Day, and I hope everyone thanked someone they're proud of. I know I sure did :] Today's post is all about the winners of the signed paperbacks of Minutes Before Sunset. Congratulations to these five wonderful writers, readers, and dreamers: 1. she… Continue reading Publishing News & Signed Paperback Winners!