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Inundated with Writing Advice

There comes a point in every writer’s career that they seek out feedback and advice from others. Whether that be critique partners, beta readers, or studying craft books, writers are often doing their best to continuously hone their skills. And while that is commendable, there comes a point where a writer can feel overwhelmed by the… Continue reading Inundated with Writing Advice


#WW How Pre-Orders Help Authors And Readers

The importance of pre-orders is not a publishing secret. Dozens if not hundreds of articles cover how, when, and why authors should make upcoming releases available for pre-order. Why? The main reason tends to be placement on various lists—such as best-seller lists and coming soon lists—before or on release day. These lists allow new or… Continue reading #WW How Pre-Orders Help Authors And Readers


#WW How I Became A Full-Time Editor

I love blogging (obvs.), but I love it even more when my readers suggest a topic for me to cover. Today is one of those days. The Uncommon Cliche asked me to write about how I became a full-time editor, and well, here I am to tell you. Long story short: I fell into it. I… Continue reading #WW How I Became A Full-Time Editor

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#WW Attending Book Cons

Attending Book Cons Whew! I’m back from Atlanta. (Although, to be perfectly honest, I’m writing this right before I leave for Atlanta…I’m basically in a mind-blowing matrix of messed up time right now.) And as promised, I wanted to share how Penned Con in St. Louis went. First off, I went as a reader. I didn’t… Continue reading #WW Attending Book Cons

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#MondayBlogs: The Thing About Author Interviews

Intro: If you’ve been following me for a while, I’m sure you’ve heard me mention Jonas Lee. He’s a fantastic author—both as a writer and as a supportive participant in the Indie community. I’ve even had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed via Google+ and appearing later on his YouTube channel (which you can watch… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: The Thing About Author Interviews

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Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal

I first want to thank everyone who took my poll on November 1st! For those of you who asked for more YouTube videos, you watched a secret video on my YouTube channel - Coffee & Cats - and you got to see the cover one day early. Check it out below if you want. I plan… Continue reading Death Before Daylight Cover Reveal

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Birthday Author Announcements

Today is my birthday - I have turned 23 on the 23rd - and I wanted to celebrate with you all today, so here are some announcements: The final edits for Take Me Tomorrow have been turned in! All that AEC Stellar Publishing has left to do is format and release it! I am very… Continue reading Birthday Author Announcements

Author Announcements

My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!

My next novel - Take Me Tomorrow - is almost here!  We even have a Facebook Page. Please like it by clicking here I know, right? The cover is already here, and the novel is closer than you think. Only a few months away actually.  AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is expecting to release it on July… Continue reading My Next Novel: Take Me Tomorrow is Almost Here!


Why Are Authors “Hating” On One Another?

Website Update: We hit 9,000 followers on the 19th! That means a HUGE giveaway is coming soon. If you'd like your book to be a part of it, please email me at shannonathompson@aol.com. Other than that, THANK YOU for all of your dedicated support and heartfelt encouragement.  There are many authors and writers out there,… Continue reading Why Are Authors “Hating” On One Another?