Update & Goodreads Nomination

I have exciting news, and I could really use some Goodreads help!

My novel, Minutes Before Sunset, was nominated for Book of the Month for July, and it’s in the initial voting process. If you have a Goodreads, I’d love if you could follow this link and second Christie on message 19. It’d really help me out, and I can thank you and  your blog on my next post!

Speaking of blogging, Thursday (June 6) will be my last blog post for one week. I’ll be back June 12th (the next Wednesday.) I am going on vacation! So I might send a picture or two from my phone, but it’ll be difficult to post writing tips or publishing tips while I’m gone. I appreciate the patience, because I’ll come back with a whole list of new websites, tips, and encouraging posts to support your novels and other writings! (My summer class recently started, so I’ve also been really busy with that–foreign films from the 1930’s!)

But I’m delighted to say three more quotes have been added to Goodreads from the review given by the Coffee Shop Reader: Click the number if you’d like to see it on Goodreads.

1. “You’re either very brave or very foolish.” “What’s the difference?” (Eric)

2. “She reminded me of what it was like to believe in something.” (Eric)

3. “He was beyond intimidating. He was overwhelming.” (Jessica)

More Minutes Before Sunset quotes can be found here

AEC Stellar Publishing is still giving out free copies of Minutes Before Sunset in an exchange for a review. Simply email ShannonAThompson@aol.com if you’re interested, and I can send you an ebook.

Hope everyone is having a great day! Keep reading, writing, and dreaming :]


P.S. As many of you know, I LOVE trees–hence why I have a willow tree in Minutes Before Sunset. This is a picture of a trail I found when visiting a lake the other day. I thought the layout of the trees was remarkable. Although it wasn’t very sunny, walking beneath the canopy of trees in the wind turned a sparked memory into a flame–reminding me of my original reason for using a willow tree as a symbol, and I wanted to share that moment with everyone!


32 thoughts on “Update & Goodreads Nomination

  1. Lovely picture. When I was a child, my next-door neighbor had a huge willow tree in his yard. I loved reading at the tree. Good luck with your nomination!

    1. That’d be lovely. I love willow trees. When I was younger, I used to read under a giant tree in a front yard and lay on my husky. (He seemed to enjoy it lol.) I used to love photography a lot, and I’d often concentrate on trees.

  2. Reblogged this on 1WriteWay and commented:
    Shannon A Thompson’s novel, Minutes Before Sunset, has been nominated for Book of the Month for July at Goodreads! Read more and help her out!

  3. That’s awesome! In the next few months I hope to start doing some marketing for my book, any hints for getting Goodreads attention?

    1. I wish I could help, but I find Goodreads difficult to get major attention on. It’s possible, but it seems to be more difficult to get readers than other sites. There are “Groups” that you can join for marketing, but they separate the authors from the readers, which is why I think it is so difficult.

  4. Hi Shannon! BIG Congrats on the nomination! Will help out with your Goodreads request. Enjoy your vacay, too.

    On another note, I’ve nominated your blog for an award. Please see my latest post for more details. Ta. 🙂

  5. Reblogged this on Ky Grabowski and commented:
    Support Shannon A. Thompson on GoodReads – Minutes Before Sunset has been nominated for book of the month! 😀

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