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#MondayBlogs: Writing Tips for a Trilogy or Series

So, you have an idea for a trilogy or series. Awesome! Writing a series can be a lot of fun. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend more time with their characters and worlds? But many aspiring writers aren’t sure where to start, and writing a series is a lot of work. With these three… Continue reading #MondayBlogs: Writing Tips for a Trilogy or Series

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How Anxiety Influenced my Trilogy

AskDavid.com is featuring Minutes Before Sunset right now. Check out the exclusive description here, and please share! It would really help me out. Thank you. ... As promised in my last post – Photography and Writing – today is dedicated to explaining why the photo below is symbolic to my writing life and why I… Continue reading How Anxiety Influenced my Trilogy


“Serious” Writing

Win a signed copy of Minutes Before Sunset today Vote for Minutes Before Sunset in the Writers Club competition I recently had a discussion with fellow writers about what constitutes “serious” writing or not. Personally, I think it comes down to the writer. I have plenty of stories written that I would not consider serious,… Continue reading “Serious” Writing

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Writing Tips: Sequel, Trilogy, Series, etc.

Since my last posting, I've done a lot of thinking about what writing tips I'm going to share next. I knew one thing: I wanted to expand on issues I've learned recently through rewriting and editing A Timely Death trilogy. Then I realized I wanted to talk about that in general: series. Lots of writers want… Continue reading Writing Tips: Sequel, Trilogy, Series, etc.


Update & Goodreads Nomination

I have exciting news, and I could really use some Goodreads help! My novel, Minutes Before Sunset, was nominated for Book of the Month for July, and it's in the initial voting process. If you have a Goodreads, I'd love if you could follow this link and second Christie on message 19. It'd really help… Continue reading Update & Goodreads Nomination