#SATurday: The Secret Garden of Trees

Announcement:  From now on, one lucky winner will receive any eBook under $5.00 from Amazon every month. How? Well, every week, I post a Dark Member of the Week, and out of those members that month, one of them will be chosen for the monthly prize. Basically, the more you participate, the more your name… Continue reading #SATurday: The Secret Garden of Trees

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How Desk Trinkets Can Inspire You

I added a YouTube page to this website, so you can catch up here as well as on YouTube. I am expecting to upload my next video soon, but I’ll always make an announcement. If you subscribe to my channel - Coffee and Cats - you can watch all of my videos one day early. ...… Continue reading How Desk Trinkets Can Inspire You


Update & Goodreads Nomination

I have exciting news, and I could really use some Goodreads help! My novel, Minutes Before Sunset, was nominated for Book of the Month for July, and it's in the initial voting process. If you have a Goodreads, I'd love if you could follow this link and second Christie on message 19. It'd really help… Continue reading Update & Goodreads Nomination