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How Desk Trinkets Can Inspire You

I added a YouTube page to this website, so you can catch up here as well as on YouTube. I am expecting to upload my next video soon, but I’ll always make an announcement. If you subscribe to my channel – Coffee and Cats – you can watch all of my videos one day early.

I know. I know. A desk can be a clattered mess, a scattered collection of book remains, an abyss of wonderment, the aftermath of a chaotic genius. Chances are your desk is already filled with pens, photographs, and paperwork. The last thing you need is more trinkets. Right?

Wrong. Every time I think this, I am wrong.

I love trinkets. I love trinkets too much. I do not think my love for trinkets will ever stop. And today I am sharing a few of mine that I haven’t shared before because they help me during my every day stresses and excitement. In other words, the little things remind me of the important stuff – the feelings that make me work harder and smile longer – and I hope you might consider adding a positive reminder to your desk and/or share the ones you already have.

My Tiger’s Eye Statue and Stone:

Fun fact: I’m obsessed with meanings behind things. Whether it is the meaning of a name or the meaning of a certain type of flower, I could spend hours reading about how certain labels came about. Tiger’s Eye is my favorite stone. They are beautiful, but they are also associated with protection and clarity. Below, you’ll see two Tiger’s Eyes that I keep on my desk. One is a stone I was gifted, and the other one is a statue of a coyote that a very kind woman carved for me after my husky passed away in 2007. These stones remind me of many things, such as my love for my dog, Shadow, but they mainly remind me of the clarity I believe in that I am doing the right thing by following my dream as well as the protection I receive from all of my loved ones, passed on and still alive.


Willow Tree Statues:

Obviously, I have a thing for statues, but Willow Tree (Demdaco) is one of my favorite companies. These are two gifts I received which both happen to be by Willow Tree. The one on the left is known as the Mother and Daughter. I received this from my aunt right after my mother passed away. I have my mother’s bracelet draped around the statue, because I used to wear it every day until the clasp broke. I considered fixing it, but I almost lost it, so I decided to keep it on my desk instead. The one on the right is the Love of Learning. This was given to me as a birthday gift from a great friend who is actually in the acknowledgements of Minutes Before Sunset. She’s always been so supportive of my novels. In a way, both of these statues remind me of the loved ones in my life that support my dream as well as all of the love that surrounds me.


Maneki Neko

And my latest one that I received yesterday from my aunt. As many of you know, I really want to travel to Japan one day. She was just over there, so she brought me back a Maneki Neko, a.k.a. Fortune Cat, Lucky Cat, etc. You can read more about it from this article: 5 Interesting Facts About Fortune Cats, but I am sure it will fit right next to my “All You Need is Love…And a Cat” paperweight.


So do you have any trinkets that inspire you? How do they inspire you? Do you think trinkets can help you throughout the day? Do you think they can hold good luck or good fortune? Be sure to share your thoughts and stories below! You never know. Your good luck trinket might help you get picked out to be April’s guest blogger.


10 thoughts on “How Desk Trinkets Can Inspire You

  1. Loving your desk trinkets! I love trinkets too! I don’t have any on my actual desk, but I have them in other places in my bedroom, including a special shelf between my desk and my bed, which also includes 3 Asian cats not unlike the one you just got! 🙂

  2. I don’t have a desk, so there aren’t any inspirational trinkets around me when I write. I built a desk in high school, but the wife took it over for scrapbooking and it sits in the toddler’s room. I used to have a few figurines around me when I worked in a cubicle. Two cheaply made Evangelion figures that would fall apart at the slightest jostle and a sphinx statue were the big ones.

  3. LOVE the tiger eye trinkets! Tiger eye is my favorite stone as well. I have a few things on my desk, but nothing really inspiring. Haha. I have a cactus, for which I just bought a new ceramic pot. I have a wooden box that swivels for my pens and other supplies. A beautiful picture taken by a professional photographer friend of mine, for which I still need a nice frame. I wish I had more meaningful trinkets, but maybe I’ll acquire some when we move and I have my own office. Here’s hoping!

  4. I love trinkets too! It’s the meaning behind them for me – where I got them. I have stuff all around my house (and car) that at a glance bring back the memory or feeling – usually about someone I love or someplace I’ve been 🙂

  5. Great blog post! Yes, I have trinkets all over my desk. Ladybugs are lucky for me, so I have a Lady Bug Beanie Baby I keep right under my computer monitor. I bought it years ago on a whim at a hotel shortly before I had to give a presentation. I clutched the ladybug and practiced my presentation. Everything went just fine and since then I have a small collection of ladybugs.

    I also have a German Shepherd who loves rocks – she’s a literal “rock hound” and she brought me a quartz rock she found one day, and I keep her gift to me on my desk as well.

    I think having these items help ground me, help me remember who I am and sometimes give me the motivation I need to finish my work.

  6. I love your desk trinkets!

    I have a number of small items on my writing desk that inspire me and remind me why I am on my writing journey. Many of them are from my writing partner who lives in the States, we often send each other little things like that 🙂

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