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#SATurday My Weekend Cover Reveal

#SATurday My Weekend Cover Reveal  This is the first time EVER—I mean it—I’ve revealed my cover elsewhere a full 24-hours before I showed it right here on Why? Well, there really is only one reason. I am listening to your suggestions. Most of you—through comments and likes and messages—have let me know that you… Continue reading #SATurday My Weekend Cover Reveal

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#WW Writer Problems 1–5

#WW Writer Problems 1–5 If you’re on my Facebook, then you will be familiar with today’s content. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been sharing little cards that I make called Writer Problems. I only have a few out, but I decided that I wanted to share them on here too. So today was born,… Continue reading #WW Writer Problems 1–5


#SATurday: What Scares Us

#SATurday: What Scares Us At night – more accurately early morning – I crawl into bed to sleep, and my little (Okay. He’s fat) cat companion follows me. We cuddle up to one another, and I pretend to sleep. I say ‘pretend’ because this is the eternal mode of an insomniac. If I had to… Continue reading #SATurday: What Scares Us


The Funniest, Strangest, and Creepiest Topics you have Googled

For everyone that has been eagerly awaiting, Take Me Tomorrow, Fiction Friday released a HUGE chuck of Chapter One, and you can read it today by clicking here. It includes fan art, inspired by that particular scene. I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came to the Facebook Event Nightmares, Dreams,… Continue reading The Funniest, Strangest, and Creepiest Topics you have Googled

Author Announcements

Author Announcements

Today is a busy day for me! I normally only blog every other day, but I had to share a few fantastic announcements with everyone. If only I had an awesome podium to stand behind and a little microphone attached to my head. (Sorry - I’ve been watching a lot of TED talks recently…Wait. I’m… Continue reading Author Announcements