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Website Wonders: For Readers & Writers

20 Jun

Website Update: 2.40 p.m. The host of Goodreads has clarified the poll is working and no one is cheating. She’s excited when new members join and vote, so I’m still in, and I feel much better about the situation. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me, voted, and even returned to explain who you are, so your identity was verified. I really appreciate this. I couldn’t have better people helping me ūüėĬ†(If you didn’t see my last post, some authors accused others of cheating to get votes last night.)

If you all recall, Minutes Before Sunset needed nominations for ‚ÄúBook of the Month‚ÄĚ on Goodreads, and you all succeeded! But I need votes.¬†PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING THE LINK. We‚Äôre in first place thanks to your votes, but I need all of the support I can get to stay in this position.

Thank you for voting: Gregory S. Lamb, Christina Channelle, Amber Forbes, Bob Williams, Marie Bailey, Laura B., Raymond, Silver Wolf, Christie, Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie, Dale Spiller, Dan Pawlowski, Peter John, Tuan Ho, Raul Diaz, Nada Faris, Chris, Jessica, Merilyn Dignum, Andree, Charles E. Yallowitz, Vickie Kayuk, Kerri, Sarah, Ky Grabowski,David Thompson, Chris the Story Reading Ape, Hereswhatsgoingon, Daryl Stewart, Emma, Heather, Abbie, James, Kendal, and Camrin!

So I used to do posts under the topic “Website Wonders.” Basically, I’d share a website that I thought was good for writers and/or readers to use in order to enhance their artistic lives. However, my “last” one was back in January, because I really stopped labeling them as such. (Mainly because they’d be a part of something else, like a Writing Tips post.) But today I bring it back.

On December 8, 2012, I wrote Website Wonders: Twitter: ShanAshleeT23, which directed followers to my Twitter while also giving tips on how to promote yourself via Twitter. I did this for an important reason. I often share websites I come across on my Twitter, and I do this on a regular basis. So today’s post will be the top sites I’ve found and shared on my Twitter in the past month or so:

Writing & Publishing:



Click the pic to join me on Twitter!

Click the pic to join me on Twitter!


I also share funny things on my Twitter about my every day life: This is a giant cinnamon roll I ate! It came with a steak knife. How awesome is that?

I also share funny things on my Twitter about my every day life: This is a giant cinnamon roll I ate! It came with a steak knife. How awesome is that?

Cinnamon Roll

If you all find any websites you like as a reader or a writer, comment below to share it ūüėÄ Also, I hope you voted. It really helps me out. I’m simply flattered you support me here! And I’m excited, because so many more people are supporting Minutes Before Sunset now that the paperback has been released through all major retailers. Check it out if you haven’t already:

Click the picture of Minutes Before Sunset! Available as paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel, Sony, and Apple. 

Click the pic and go to Amazon!

Click the pic and go to Amazon!


June 23: It’s My Birthday :]

SS: Annual Report & Thanks, 2012

5 Jan

When I logged into WordPress, I was delighted to read my annual report. (Thank you, WordPress helpers!)

Since I’ve only had this website since October, I was astounded by how many of you have read, commented, and contacted me. It means so much, and I adore all of you.¬†However, I wanted to thank my top five commenters, as they deserve recognition for their dedication to, not only my website, but others’ and their’s as well.

So thank you: (click on any name to go to their blog.)

Picture Me Reading

Keli has a Blog

Dan Thompson : Dan Pentagram 

P.C. Zick: Living lightly upon this earth

Jackie : Change is good….right?

I’d recommend all of their blogs for a great read, as that’s how we connected and how we’ve come to appreciate one another.

Keep writing, reading, and dreaming.


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