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Website Wonders: For Readers & Writers

Website Update: 2.40 p.m. The host of Goodreads has clarified the poll is working and no one is cheating. She’s excited when new members join and vote, so I’m still in, and I feel much better about the situation. Thank you to everyone who’s supported me, voted, and even returned to explain who you are, so your identity was verified. I really appreciate this. I couldn’t have better people helping me 😀 (If you didn’t see my last post, some authors accused others of cheating to get votes last night.)

If you all recall, Minutes Before Sunset needed nominations for “Book of the Month” on Goodreads, and you all succeeded! But I need votes. PLEASE VOTE BY CLICKING THE LINK. We’re in first place thanks to your votes, but I need all of the support I can get to stay in this position.

Thank you for voting: Gregory S. LambChristina ChannelleAmber ForbesBob WilliamsMarie BaileyLaura B., Raymond, Silver WolfChristieKristy Feltenberger GillespieDale SpillerDan PawlowskiPeter JohnTuan HoRaul DiazNada FarisChrisJessicaMerilyn DignumAndreeCharles E. YallowitzVickie KayukKerriSarahKy Grabowski,David ThompsonChris the Story Reading Ape, Hereswhatsgoingon, Daryl Stewart, Emma, Heather, Abbie, James, Kendal, and Camrin!

So I used to do posts under the topic “Website Wonders.” Basically, I’d share a website that I thought was good for writers and/or readers to use in order to enhance their artistic lives. However, my “last” one was back in January, because I really stopped labeling them as such. (Mainly because they’d be a part of something else, like a Writing Tips post.) But today I bring it back.

On December 8, 2012, I wrote Website Wonders: Twitter: ShanAshleeT23, which directed followers to my Twitter while also giving tips on how to promote yourself via Twitter. I did this for an important reason. I often share websites I come across on my Twitter, and I do this on a regular basis. So today’s post will be the top sites I’ve found and shared on my Twitter in the past month or so:

Writing & Publishing:



Click the pic to join me on Twitter!
Click the pic to join me on Twitter!


I also share funny things on my Twitter about my every day life: This is a giant cinnamon roll I ate! It came with a steak knife. How awesome is that?

I also share funny things on my Twitter about my every day life: This is a giant cinnamon roll I ate! It came with a steak knife. How awesome is that?
Cinnamon Roll

If you all find any websites you like as a reader or a writer, comment below to share it 😀 Also, I hope you voted. It really helps me out. I’m simply flattered you support me here! And I’m excited, because so many more people are supporting Minutes Before Sunset now that the paperback has been released through all major retailers. Check it out if you haven’t already:

Click the picture of Minutes Before Sunset! Available as paperback and ebook on AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsKoboDieselSony, and Apple

Click the pic and go to Amazon!
Click the pic and go to Amazon!


June 23: It’s My Birthday :]

20 thoughts on “Website Wonders: For Readers & Writers

  1. It might be easiest to just make sure people create their book list before voting. I set up a goodreads account the other day; it only takes 10-15 minutes or so to put the list together.

  2. Wow! Some really great links here.

    I love that word frequency counter and the 30 great opening lines in literature article. Great stuff! 🙂

  3. Here’s a sad truth I just learned about myself: As I read through your awesome post (first-time reader – of your blog, not of reading entirely), my jaw dropped a little at the wealth of links you’ve shared, but an enormous smile spread across my face when I got to the cinnamon roll.

    Apparently, I like the prospect of improving my writing almost as much as a gargantuan sweet. Who knew?

    Good stuff – glad to have found you!

    1. Hahah! Sweets, reading, and writing are important things. Gotta keep up that blood sugar while sitting in front of the computer all day.
      And I’m glad you’ve stopped by and enjoyed yourself 😀

  4. Thanks for choosing to follow my blog, (I am thinking a lot about choices, lately.) I am very happy to have you join our family of readers. Please find my Friends Page, and leave some information about yourself and your blog; this is how we begin to get to know each other. I voted for Minutes Before Sunset for BOTM, and the next time I’m solvent, I intend to buy it in paperback. Welcome!

    1. You’re welcome, and I will surely check out that Friends page soon. Thank you supporting by voting. You’re very kind, and it brightens my night knowing I have such supportive people around me.

  5. This comment doesn’t really go here but I’m sure you’ll see it eventually. With the black and white picture you have up now, you have a kind of Reese Witherspoon look – could be 18, could be 28. Since that image is a big part of the marketing, use whatever “age” is going to appeal to your target audience. YA’s might want a YA-looking author. (I was also a baby face, still being carded for beer at 33. I still don’t look my age, but after 30 I strangely don’t mind.)

    1. Haha! This is a fine place to comment. 🙂 Your comment is great, and I truly appreciate it. I think another reason I started to not mention it was because I hit the age of some of my genre’s most popular (and current) authors, like Victoria Aveyard, author of “Red Queen.”

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