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Unpopular Opinion: Healthy Relationships Shouldn’t be Required in Fiction

I was recently on Twitter when someone asked for unpopular opinions, and one that's been grating on me came out in the form of this tweet: https://twitter.com/AuthorSAT/status/1628759550051471362 Full disclosure: I actually wrote a blog post about this that was supposed to go up earlier this year, but I chickened out. Why? Well, because I know… Continue reading Unpopular Opinion: Healthy Relationships Shouldn’t be Required in Fiction

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Shannon’s Top Three Tips for Writing Romance

It's February, so romance is in the publishing air. Whether or not you write romance novels or have romantic subplots in your work, almost every writer has had to think through a couple's relationship in their work.  Here are my top three tips for writing romance. 1. Read Romance: As Stephen King famously said, "If… Continue reading Shannon’s Top Three Tips for Writing Romance

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#MondayBlogs Writing Tips for Love Interests

Romance sells. This is a proven publishing fact. Though that doesn’t mean you should add romance to your novel just to add it, romance is quite popular in ANY genre, and let’s be real, love is everywhere. The chances of writing a book with no one (not even a side character) falling in love or… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Writing Tips for Love Interests

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#WW Finding Your Style as a Writer

#WW Finding Your Style as a Writer So, I just turned 24 yesterday. That means, I’m 113 in cat years (according to this calculator.) Since I’m 113, I thought I’d share some of my personal, cat lady wisdom, and by “personal” wisdom, I mean self-awareness in regards to my writing style. (Plus, a good portion… Continue reading #WW Finding Your Style as a Writer

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Spreading the Love

Shannon - here - for one announcement and a small introduction. Special thanks goes out to everyone who came to the Indie Romance Convention last night! The event was amazing, and my Amazon rankings even went up! Thank you for checking out The Timely Death Trilogy and supporting me as we near the release date of… Continue reading Spreading the Love

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Writing Tips: Lovers

Writing Tips: Lovers Read my latest interview by clicking here. I talk about fellow Indie authors who’ve inspired me, Take Me Tomorrow, and so much more! … The protagonist lover characters seem to follow these molds: Gorgeous, mysterious, heart-striken male who cannot communicate his feelings until death is threatening separation, because of some past that… Continue reading Writing Tips: Lovers