Website Wonders: I Write Like

So I was randomly searching the web when I found this website: I Write Like.

Basically, click on the link, and you can paste any kind of text that you have written into the box. After that, click analyze, and it shows what famous writer you write like. I pasted in the most current novel I have written, even though it was a “just-for-personal-fun” piece.

Check out this website yourself, and see who your inner-famous-writer is. Β 

I write like
Chuck Palahniuk

I Write Like by MΓ©moires, journal software. Analyze your writing!


21 thoughts on “Website Wonders: I Write Like

  1. Apparently i write like Neil Gaiman – and although i have never read any of his work, i’m glad it compared me to a fantasy novelist; which is to say what i aspire to be πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing

  2. I write like Mary Shelley? My books aren’t even horror. I sampled a few parts of my book to make sure, and they came up the same. Odd, I’ve never read her work, but now I just might. Thank you for pointing this out. πŸ™‚

    1. I was also surprised by some of this, because I put in different novels and my journals after I posted. I got an author I was confused by, but maybe it isn’t genre, but how the language falls on the page

  3. I’m shocked – I write like James Joyce. I think I’ll try another section of my novel to see what comes up. Fun, but not sure how precise it is. Too bad I don’t really care for Joyce.

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