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I’m going to be super careful with this review, because I think it’s necessary.

The Host is the movie adaption of Stephenie Meyer’s novel, The Host, which I wrote about my post December 21: Relax: The Host. So I’ve read the novel before seeing the movie, and I think that’s REALLY important when seeing this movie. I say this because there are quite a few people I’ve talked to who saw it (and didn’t read the novel) that enjoyed the movie.

imagesI have to admit that I was ultimately disappointed. But I want to clarify that I remain VERY open when it comes to movie adaptations. I understand that novels cannot be exactly transferred to the screen, just like any art. I like to remind myself of “Girl with a Pearl Earring” — first a painting, then a novel, then a movie. Every type of art brings a different viewpoint to the table. And I wasn’t annoyed with most of the things changed in The Host from book to movie. I was actually more disappointed with the overall acting and directing. It took me out of the film quite often. For instance, the boys often reminded me of a boy band (which I did not picture in the book at all) and it seemed visually ridiculous.

Nevertheless, I was entertained. It wasn’t necessarily a bad movie, but it was a bad adaptation. I consider the novel to be really well done (especially in the different worlds described), but the movie wasn’t very special.

I really hate to say things like this, (I normally don’t review the bad movies I see) but I wanted to be honest, especially since I recommended the novel. I still recommend the novel (as long as you’re a fan of young-adult lit), and, if you didn’t know, it’s been announced that it is a trilogy, but Meyer has yet to write the last two books.

I’ll be sure to look out for those, but I’m not sure I’d see the movies if they were ever adapted by the same actors and director.


I feel so sad to have such a depressing review. So I’m adding pictures of Bogart below. Happy Thursday!


April 6: Publishing Tips: Introduce Extras.  

These pictures were actually taken on the same day. Little Bogart & fat Bogart. Who knew cats could have a flattering side?
These pictures were actually taken on the same day. Little Bogart & fat Bogart. Who knew cats could have a flattering side?

21 thoughts on “Movie Mention: The Host

  1. I really liked the novel, but I’ve not yet seen the movie. I’ve wondered how such a complex story could be condensed into a 2-hour film. Thanks for the review. Maybe I’ll wait for the DVD.

  2. “I say this because there are quite a few people I’ve talked to who saw it (and didn’t read the novel) that enjoyed the movie.”

    I know I shouldn’t be giggling so much about this line, but for some reason this has such a foreboding sound to it. One of those ‘brace yourself’ disclaimers. I agree with you that movies and novels are rarely the same, so some leeway should be given. It’s a shame when great books are given bad adaptations. Though it sounds like this one isn’t as bad as some of the ones I’ve seen. ‘The Vampire’s Apprentice’ is based on a book series that my wife loves, but the movie brought her to tears . . . and then she tried to throw something at the television. I guess some people simply want to do an adaptation of their own vision and believe the fans will watch it no matter what.

    1. LOL I loved the story about your wife. Sounded similar to my friend’s reaction to The Host (who’s read the book.) I wasn’t as extreme as him when it came to the aggravation, but I agree completely with you. I think there should be some leeway.

  3. It’s always a case where people brings the story and the characters into life in their own mind but when seeing it adapted into a movie, it alters all or some of your own imagined images. It’s hard to get exactly what you’ve pictured in your head and the movie turns out to be a disappointment as you start to compare it to your own version. I did that too with the Twilight series; the Edward Cullen in my mind was way hotter than in the movie. :p Thanks for the review! 🙂

  4. Your review is fine Shannon. No need to apologize when you don’t like a movie. Give them hell if you think it deserves it. BTW your site looks fine on my cell. Good job!

  5. I’m so excited about seeing this movie having loved the book, but I’m always somewhat reticent when it comes to watching an adaptation! We shall see! Thanks for the like & follow btw! xxx

  6. First, I thank you for following my blog. And it’s nice to read comments about the movie, The Host.

  7. This is one of the reasons why I want to finish the book before I watch the movie. To be honest (nothing against The Host), I always found the books better as you can describe better, tell more about and scenes can unfold slowly.

  8. Yes, it is quite true that most of the books are not converted as good films. I enjoyed reading Life of Pi, it was an emotional thunder but in the movie it was opposite, I hardly felt anything.

  9. Congrats on the 6K!

    I think books and movies are such different mediums that maybe we need to stop comparing them? I have never read a book, then seen the movie, and loved the movie more. I dislike it when directors take story liberties that cast favorite chacters into a different light. Having said that, what I do now is appreciate the movie based on its own merits and put away the mental comparison do-loop that used to make me crazy,


    Linda Joyce

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