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It’s a new year and so much has changed already. My publisher – AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. – has cranked its gears and remodeled itself for the future. Instead of being a simple publisher, we are now an open and growing community of writers, cover artists, and editors supporting one another. You don’t have to be published by AEC or spend money to participate. The website is designed for everyone to connect in one place. This website is for you, and hopefully, by the end of this piece, you’ll want to check out The Author Extension Community and/or join it. It’s a great place for authors to support one another as well as readers to come and meet them. We simply need people to help us spread the word, and I’ll give you three, great reasons to do it:

1. The website has many places where you and your work can be showcased

Why stop celebrating just because the holidays are over?
Why stop celebrating just because the holidays are over?

2. The Author Extension Community also shares Tips/Tricks for writing, editing, publishing, and marketing from you and for you. Currently, there’s a great website found by Amber Skye Forbes, which helps authors find more ways to reach readers. With more people on this page, this place can become a haven for authors looking for a way to cut back on research time and add more successful, fun time.

3. Win all sorts of things through the Contests and Giveaway pages. In fact you might even have the opportunity to get published! Let the Author Extension Community know you are interested in the publishing opportunity by commenting on this page. 

The Author Extension Community is positive, innovative, and free. 

As readers and writers, we’re constantly trying to find ways to connect and grow, and this is an opportunity to do so with many others striving to succeed in this publishing market. We share a dream, so let’s achieve it together.

Join the Author Extension Community, start participating, share with others, and watch us grow! 


17 thoughts on “The Author Extension Community

  1. You and the others at AEC are doing an awesome job Shannon. Since making the connection to the community, I’ve had the reading pleasure of an introduction to a broad range of genre and feel totally revitalized for 2014 – there is so much good material out there for readers to drown themselves in. Sunset was a fantasitc ride and now I can’t wait to read Sunrise. Keep em coming!

    1. Paul,
      I hope you do sign up! The more people who join, the better the website will be. It’s designed to help others connect on a non-spam-like website that is helpful.
      Let me know if you have any questions.

    1. I hope to see you on there! I think it’s a great place to connect meet other people in the publishing community in order to help one another succeed 😀 I’m looking forward to more interaction in the future.

  2. This looks great! I have only the experience of writing one NaNoRiMo novel so far, but I have definitely caught the bug and wonder what I do next. Maybe the community will be helpful to me. Thanks!

  3. Thanks for sharing. Community writing groups are so helpful and I appreciate the opportunity to share and connect always. I signed up and am looking forward to reading and sharing the wisps and wit and the coalescing of vapors.

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