No Makeup Selfie Campaign for Cancer Research

UPDATE: Donate by clicking on this link: Cancer Research UK or by donating to ANY cancer campaign that you is important to you. I am saddened to see many complaining about this campaign, saying things like “it’s just an excuse to take a selfie” or “taking off your makeup doesn’t cure cancer” or “breast cancer gets too much attention.” First, it’s a campaign, not an excuse. Second, complaining about a successful campaign doesn’t cure cancer; money raised by a campaign, however, can help. Most importantly though, ANY kind of cancer cannot get TOO much attention. In this case, I donated to the American Leukemia Foundation. I wasn’t going to share that at all until I saw the amount of negativity on the internet about how this doesn’t raise money. I encourage everyone to take one minute to donate to their foundation of choice. That’s how this campaign is raising money – it reminds everyone to take a moment out of their day to help. This campaign has gained millions of dollars, so it is working. If you do not like this campaign, then fine. Start your own campaign. Seriously. Please, do. I will take part in that, too.

Now the post I originally wrote is still below:

A few days ago, the lovely and humble, Ky Grabowski (I know you’ve heard of this inspiring lady) posted her “Natural Beauty” picture. Basically, this is defined as sharing your face without make up for Cancer Research UK. Before I start, here is an article to check out for more information on this craze:  No make-up selfie craze brings UK cancer charity HK$25m windfall

This charity is an encouraging event for all people, especially women, to embrace themselves. I was very flattered when Ky took the time to nominate me as someone to carry the message on, and that’s what I’m doing today. I’m also sharing why I think this is important to continue. If you would like to take part, please let me know, and I will link your blog below when you post it!

Without further ado,

Photo on 3-21-14 at 4.11 PM

I’ve talked about my previous insecurities before in My Insecurities and How I Overcame Them, but showing how I overcame them – I  feel – is the most important message. Finding confidence in your own skin is really important to me. We must love ourselves before we can send love out into the world.

To be honest, I’ve never really worn makeup. Aside from the occasional mascara, I avoid it completely. That is to say this: there’s nothing wrong with makeup. If you enjoy it, great! That’s wonderful. To me, wearing makeup can be like wearing that new sweater you bought: it just feels good. The problem comes when people are wearing makeup because they don’t feel good enough in their own skin. The problem is when you go into a job interview and the employer REQUIRES you to wear makeup. (Which has personally happened to me.) The problem is when society convinces girls that they need makeup to be socially acceptable. The solution is finding a way to encourage everyone to be confident with themselves, wearing makeup or not.

So, how can we do this?

We spread the word that beauty comes from confidence, that love comes from the heart, that happiness comes from within.

I feel happiest when I’m with my loved ones, eating great food, and just laughing. It has nothing to do with what I’m wearing and/or if I’m having a great hair day (and great hair days are rare for my curly mess.) But you know what? My curly mess SHOULD be a good hair day because every day is a good day that you don’t allow your messy hair or lack of make up or small wardrobe to distract you from what is important: Living life and living it well.

So, whether you’re wearing glamorous makeup or rocking the natural look, go out with a smile on your face, because a smile is the best way to face the future with positivity.

20140320_153904In other news, I actually wanted to share this photo that my father snapped on the day that I received Seconds Before Sunrise in the mail. To me, I think this photo captured how much this moment means to a writer.  It stops us. It reminds us. It shows us the future. And you can’t even see my face. You can just tell how much I cherish the work. I might be cradling the books in my arms, but I’m holding the words in my heart.

Again, if you would like to post your no makeup selfie in your blog, please let me know, and I will link to your post!   


20 thoughts on “No Makeup Selfie Campaign for Cancer Research

  1. A beautiful post for a beautiful cause… And just a thought you are quite beautiful with no makeup and in fact I would say Gorgeous just as you are natural and genuine! 🙂

  2. Lovely post as usual. A friend of mine has had quite a bit of her face and neck removed by cancer, she was ‘brave’ enough to also do this photo shoot which I greatly admire. You look very beautiful without makeup as all the women I know do! I know quite a few men doing the opposite and supporting their women friends by having photos with make up on, which I am doing this week, An odd thing make-up isn’t it? I often think beards are the male equivalent!

    1. Tim,
      Thank you for sharing your friend’s story! She sounds like a lovely person – inside and out. I saw the men doing the opposite this morning when I was directed to a few articles. I love it!

  3. As a guy, I’m just going to throw this out there and hopefully more people heed the message, guys included.

    MAKEUP, most of the time, is so overrated — especially when someone goes overboard with it — they just end up looking like a circus clown or a mime artist. Better off without makeup.

    Just get a good night’s sleep. Sleep produces melatonin and melatonin has anti-aging effects. Job done!


    By the way, I really like your bird’s nest hair style from the other post.

    1. Oh, my bird’s nest lol Actually, that picture probably represents me at my most comfortable state. I love wearing my hair like that, and I often do – in public – with no shame. I pair it with what I call my “genie” pants, which have gotten some questions, but they are comfortable, and comfortable is perfect to me. I think people definitely need to be okay with being themselves.

    1. That was my fault entirely! I just updated the article. (Although the rant has nothing to do with you, of course.) Originally, I thought the linked article would explain it, but I know a lot of readers don’t read every article I link to. You can donate to Cancer Research UK, breast cancer, or – and this is what I encourage – any foundation that you support.

    1. I let Charles know that I updated the article. At first, I thought the linked article would explain it, but I should’ve explained it myself, so I am sorry. You can donate to any foundation of your choice.

  4. You look great without makeup, Shannon. I am the same as you, I am not a huge fan of covering my face in cosmetics and prefer to go ‘au naturel’ in that regard 🙂

  5. Great points made in the article! You look beautiful. The best part is – complaints or no complaints, people are talking about the no make-up selfie , which is one step closer to reaching a fundraising goal as well as awareness.

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