10 Types of People You Will See at Movie Adaptations


We hit 200 ratings on Goodreads! And today, I would like to thank two readers who posted reviews on their blogs.

Another Night of Reading reviewed Take Me Tomorrow, stating, “I recommend this book to anyone who likes dystopian novels that depart from what is now the Hunger Games/Divergent model. The heroine, Sophia, is a very ordinary, brave and strong girl who lives in a world that may be horrible to live in, but proves a very interesting setting for a story. I can only hope there will be a sequel.” But you can read her entire review by clicking here.

If you’re interested in reading the latest review of Minutes Before Sunset, Mel’s Shelves posted this, “This book held my attention from the beginning!” She gets into further detail, and you can read what she had to say about the paranormal romance by clicking here.

Thank you for continuing to read and share my novels. I always love to read your thoughts and feelings, so thank you for taking the time to post them.

10 Types of People You Will See at Movie Adaptations:

 Last night, I drove like a madwoman to the theatre to see the movie adaptation of If I Stay by Gayle Foreman. One of my favorite novels has officially become one of my favorite movie adaptations. (Thank you, book gods.) But it got me to thinking about movie adaptations, so I wanted to have a little fun by creating a list of people who attend movie adaptations.

1. The Die-hard Fan

They were born just to read this book, and their life is hitting a critical pinnacle of happiness at the theatre tonight. If the movie is horrible, their reading soul might be crushed forever…until they find their next favorite novel. Watch out. They will either cry at the horrible adaptation or cry at the beauty of the adaptation.

Favorite Line: I’ve read it four times…I mean, five, if you count the special addition version that included the film notes and the sequel preview in the back. You’ve read the sequel, right?

2. The Oblivious One

They did not know this movie was based on a book until the opening credits, and they ask questions throughout, such as but not limited to, “This was based on a movie? What is happening? I don’t get it. Who’s that? What is this even about?” Do not be mad at them. They might join the fandom soon.

Favorite Line: Where am I?

3. The Whisperer

This is usually two people – one is a die-hard and the other is an oblivious one. The diehard is whispering answers to the oblivious one.

Favorite Line: This part is really important so pay attention.

4. The Light Giver

Their cellphone is on. You can see it. But you almost can’t be mad because you know they aren’t texting. They are taking notes down for their blog or YouTube channel. You might even look them up later…even though you’re starting to get mad.

Favorite Line: Sorry!

5. The Whiner

They may not complain out loud, but they might as well be. Their sighs and grunts are nearly as distracting as their eyerolls, which – somehow – you have managed to see in the darkness of the theatre. They should’ve been an actor. Their dramatics are impressive. They might have even been a better protagonist. They kind of look like them, too.

Favorite Line: Seriously?

This is not the real trademark. That is my cat.
This is not the real trademark. That is my cat.

6. The Procrastinator

They read. They promise up and down that they do. They even swear that they were not going to see this movie before they read the book, but you convinced them to come early, so…they’re here. And they guess they’ll watch it first. But they’ll read the book the second they get home. This may or may not be the third time they’ve done this to you, but you don’t say anything because you still don’t know if they actually read, but you hope they do.

Favorite Line: I swear I was going to read the book first, but my TBR pile is too big.

7. The Boyfriend, Girlfriend, or Lost Friend

Much like the Oblivious One, this one has no clue what is going on, but they are generally happier than the Oblivious One because they are engrossed with whoever they are with. They probably won’t speak either. They don’t want to interrupt the movie for the fan they love.

Favorite Line: Can I get you anything?

8. The Character:

You’ve been staring at them for ten minutes now, and you have yet to figure out if they are purposely dressed like the characters in the book or if they actually dress that way in real life. You wait for them to talk to figure it out, but they never speak. Therefore, they do not have a favorite line.

Favorite Line: N/A

9. The Patient One:

This is a whole new form of the die-hard fan. They’ve been waiting outside the theatre since 7 a.m…the theatre doesn’t even open until 10 a.m. and it’s snowing. There is no question as to whether they are dressed up as the characters. They are. They did this for the final book release, too, and you recognize their outfit because you were also there. They even met the author once.

Favorite Line: It’s no big deal. I’ve only been waiting for twelve hours.

10. You:

Yes. You. You are among this crowd, and you are one of them. You might even be a mixture of all of them. This is possible – especially if you attend every movie adaptation you hear about. We know it’s a guilty pleasure, and that’s okay. Sit back, grab a Coke, and relax. This is going to be good…even if it isn’t. You always have your book to return home to anyway.

Favorite Line: Who? Me?

I hope you enjoyed this list! If you have a type you would like to add, please do so below! Or just talk about movie adaptations in general. Whatever, really. We can talk here. It’s not like we’re in a movie theatre or anything.


21 thoughts on “10 Types of People You Will See at Movie Adaptations

  1. I’m having flashbacks to the midnight showing of ‘Fellowship of the Ring’. ‘Two Towers’ had people in costume, but that first one had something really strange. About 5-6 guys sitting in a row with flashlights and copies of the book. They were reading along and checking information as the movie played. Totally quiet too. It was so bizarre and I’m not sure if they go under ‘Die Hard Fan’ or something else.

    Also, what about fans of other franchises that show up to mess with others? Like people who wore ‘Team Buffy’ shirts to Twilight showings or a guy who wore a Freddy Krueger mask to the new Friday the 13th a few years back.

    1. LOL Can we call the other fans heckler’s? I know they’re different, but it seems appropriate. I think the one movie adaptation I went to where I saw the most costumes was actually a two-week early showing of Star Trek. I won tickets through my work, and my dad and I went only to realize we were the only two NOT wearing Star Trek uniforms.

  2. 11. The Spoiler. Or maybe that’s actually 3a, a variation of The Whisperer. There has been more than one occasion when I was sitting near someone who blabbed spoilers while a movie adaptation was playing.

  3. HAHAHA! I love this! I’m definitely NOT the procrastinator. Before the last Harry Potter came to theatres I had a very small window of time to re-read all the books before we went. I didn’t quite make it through the final book, but it’s okay because that was my…I don’t know…third or fourth time through 🙂 I’d say I’m die-hard, but I’ve never dressed up before. And when the new Hunger Games came out I had to scramble to read the second book (because I hadn’t gotten that far :/ and ended up reading the last one too) before I saw the movie.

    As for this particular movie, I was scrolling through my kindle and saw that I had this book on there…I hadn’t realized I bought it…Now I’m going to have to read it because you’ve given it such a glowing recommendation. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you loved it. 😀 I always ended up rereading before and/or after I see the movie, but I don’t think I’ve attended a movie adaptation without reading the book beforehand. (I don’t think there’s a problem with that, but I do think it’s easier to understand a movie if you know what it was based off of.) I truly enjoyed If I Stay – of course, they changed a few things, but it remained pretty close to the book, music, and overall emotional turmoil. So I enjoyed it. I was really disappointed in Buzzfeed for writing a slamming article about it, comparing it to TFIOS when they two completely different novels.

      1. I hate when people compare two totally different things just because they might be in the same genre or have one small thing in common. Like Harry Potter being compared to Twilight. Sometimes when I say I’m a Potter fan people are like, “I don’t like Twilight.” I never really know how to respond to something like that.

  4. ok I have another type but have no way to put it without it sounding dirty 🙂 ‘the gasp-er’. I am the one who silently let’s out a little gasp when a scene is done perfectly. my husband is the one who sweetly sits next me and snickers at my nerdiness 🙂

  5. Hilarious! Loved these characters! I know I’ve been the Patient One and the Boyfriend, and it is so awesome to fill the shoes of either the clueless but good-hearted attendee or the die-hard fan. Cheers!

  6. Ha, true on many points! I can totally see myself in a few of those sections, and have spotted the like at the theater. Of course my favorite part is comparing book vs novel…whether my friends want to hear it or not-it’s happening. Not going to lie either…I dressed up once for a book based movie. Oi.

  7. Your list of movie adaptations is so perfect that I have absolutely nothing I can add to it.

    I’m really hesitant about seeing movies based on my favorite books because part of the magic of the book is envisioning the story in my own head. That said, I am over the moon when I see a movie that nails the heart of the book (such as Tom Selleck portraying Jesse Stone in Robert B. Parker’s novels).

  8. I worked for a movie theater through most of my high school years and regularly saw each and every one of these. There are also the Sore Thumbs – those that are distracting in that they are so obviously not the target demographic you wonder if they wandered into the wrong theater by mistake. The Gigglers – Those that laugh throughout at really inappropriate times – you wonder what they know that you don’t. The Emperor/Empress – the first one in the theater, he or she sits alone, front and center, and glares at anyone coming in afterwards as if saying how dare you interrupt my private showing.

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