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#SATurday: Authors, Be Yourself

#SATurday: Authors, Be Yourself As an author—but also as a marketer—I am constantly stressing the importance of being true to yourself and being true to your work. For instance, it’s a popular question to ask an author how long it took them to write a story. In turn, this has caused millions of debates about… Continue reading #SATurday: Authors, Be Yourself

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Why Are Parents Dead in Fiction?

Announcements: ShannonAThompson.com hit 18,000 followers! As a surprise, I shared the meaning behind all the chapter titles in Take Me Tomorrow on my Facebook page. Every chapter title is actually a direct quote from the chapter you’re about to read. This is to represent the clairvoyant drug, tomo, since it allows takers to experience the future. For… Continue reading Why Are Parents Dead in Fiction?


The Funniest, Strangest, and Creepiest Topics you have Googled

For everyone that has been eagerly awaiting, Take Me Tomorrow, Fiction Friday released a HUGE chuck of Chapter One, and you can read it today by clicking here. It includes fan art, inspired by that particular scene. I also wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came to the Facebook Event Nightmares, Dreams,… Continue reading The Funniest, Strangest, and Creepiest Topics you have Googled

Author Announcements

Author Announcements

As promised, I am here again - sharing the news as “Author Announcements.” Today is full of fun and excitement, but I am also sharing a minor change in what you can expect from my website at the end of every month. So, here we go: 1. I received my first book review of Seconds… Continue reading Author Announcements