I Write Because I Want My Mom’s Death to Mean Something

March 16 marked the twentieth anniversary of my mom’s death. It’s a strange fact to realize how much time has passed, how much my life changed, how much she is missing. I’ve spoken about her many times on my blog and across other social media channels, most recently in the context of writing a middle… Continue reading I Write Because I Want My Mom’s Death to Mean Something


#SATurday: The Lightning Lesson

#SATurday The Lightning Lesson When I was little, part of my bedtime routine was taking a shower at night. But—as my mother would have it—we had one very important rule. No showering if there was a thunderstorm outside. She told us we’d be electrocuted if we did. Now, being little and a future artist, you should… Continue reading #SATurday: The Lightning Lesson

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Q&A about “Take Me Tomorrow”

In case you missed my interview with Whispers in the Dark radio, here it the link. You can still listen to the entire show, and I even gave away some extra information about Take Me Tomorrow. The host also recorded four of my latest poems, and he is a wonderful reader, so I highly recommend… Continue reading Q&A about “Take Me Tomorrow”


The Story of Bogart the Cat

Don’t forget! I am being interviewed tonight LIVE on Whispers in the Dark radio from 9 to 11 p.m. (EST) Click here to join, and call in to speak with me:  (347) 884-9923. Until then, check out four of my horror poems the host read for his site by visiting my Other Poems page and clicking the… Continue reading The Story of Bogart the Cat


What Changes From the First Draft to Publication?

With the release of Seconds Before Sunrise only one week away, I have been thinking about how much The Timely Death Trilogy has changed from the original version to the published novels. Since the second book isn’t released yet (but is available on Amazon) I thought it would be neat to share some of the… Continue reading What Changes From the First Draft to Publication?



So I'm back! And I'm really glad everyone kept my blog going while I gone on family business. I am really busy right now--I just got back, but I have my final this Friday. It's all great, but I thought today I'd simply share my trip with everyone :] Pennsylvania Sunrise My dad and I… Continue reading Pennsylvania

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Writing Tips: Beautiful Characters

When I wrote about "Beautiful Creatures" last Wednesday, my follower, Wordschat, said "This looks so much like a Twilight wanna be but then again anything with ‘beautiful people’ will be." (Wordschat's blog reviews many aspects of his life: books, TV, movies, and novel--along with politics. Anything that effects his Canadian life, and I find his… Continue reading Writing Tips: Beautiful Characters

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Writing Tips: Read Your Oldest Piece

[November Snow is now on Facebook: Join me here :D] Recently, I posted "Writing Tips: What's on Your Desk?" and I had a great time reading about all of your writing spaces. Ironically, however, I have to admit that my desk is not normally that clean. I've recently moved places, and moving gave me the… Continue reading Writing Tips: Read Your Oldest Piece


SS: Reading Event

On February 6, I'm delighted to announce I'll be participating in KU's Undergraduate Reading Series. I'll be reading my nonfiction and poetry. "The Undergraduate Reading Series showcases exceptional student work from the University of Kansas in a variety of genres...The KU Undergraduate Reading Series kicks off the spring semester with an evening of dazzling student… Continue reading SS: Reading Event


Website Wonders: Twitter: ShanAshleeT23

So I know my twitter isn't a website wonder, (because that would be egotistical of me), but I thought I'd give everyone my link today. I tweet writing quotes, writing tips, and about my own writing adventures. My twitter is also attached to my blog, so it's an easy way to see my updates. So… Continue reading Website Wonders: Twitter: ShanAshleeT23