Discovering My Characters’ Secrets

Every human being has secrets. Why we hide the truth (or lies) from others and sometimes ourselves is often the most interesting part behind a good secret, but understanding what makes up a secret can help an author write a character in a more genuine way. So what should we know about our characters’ secrets?… Continue reading Discovering My Characters’ Secrets


#SATurdate: Lore, New Office, Paint Swatches, & Snow White

I moved this week to a brand-new office! I’m super excited about it. I have a ridiculous amount of room to spread out, and I’m hoping I can get a bigger desk one of these days. My current one was great for my previous, much smaller office, but now I can spin! I need to… Continue reading #SATurdate: Lore, New Office, Paint Swatches, & Snow White


Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel

ShannonAThompson.com hit 15,000 followers! Thank you for continuing to support my writing dream. You are the reason I can share my stories with the world. You are the reason I have met so many wonderful readers, writers, and dreamers. You are the reason because you are the dream. From my dreaming soul, thank you.  Ever… Continue reading Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel

Writing Tips

Writing Tips: Exposing Secrets

Ever since I posted “Writing Tips: How I Form Dialogue into Writing” I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking for other tips, so I wanted to talk about secrets. We all have them. Secrets can make us or destroy us—they can tear our relationships apart or allow us to succeed at our dreams. In reality,… Continue reading Writing Tips: Exposing Secrets


Website Wonders: PostSecret

Since you’re on the World Wide Web right now, I think it’s safe to assume that you spend some (if not A LOT) of your downtime on the internet. (I know I do.) I always like suggestions of great websites to visit, whether it’s socializing, reading, inspiration, or learning in general. Because it’s Sunday, I’d… Continue reading Website Wonders: PostSecret