Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel

ShannonAThompson.com hit 15,000 followers! Thank you for continuing to support my writing dream. You are the reason I can share my stories with the world. You are the reason I have met so many wonderful readers, writers, and dreamers. You are the reason because you are the dream. From my dreaming soul, thank you. 


Ever wanted to write a love story? Have you written a love story but want to see how other writers have done it? I’m really hoping you answered “yes” to one of those questions, because you’re in luck! Read to Write Stories is a fantastic website that literally explains how to read to write stories. Michael Noll reads a story and then creates a prompt in order to write a story. Recently, Read to Write Stories wrote  “How to Write a Love Story” with examples from Seconds Before Sunrise.

If you’re interested in reading a review of Seconds Before Sunrise, The Bookie Monster released their thoughts, stating, “I’ve found that the success of trilogies seems to be contingent on how well the second book is received.  If the second book is a disaster, readers don’t want to waste their time waiting and reading the third book.  If the second book is a success, readers will stand in line to wait for the third book.  I think that this trilogy definitely falls into the latter category.  Bravo Ms. Thompson!  You are on your way to having a very successful trilogy on your hands!” Read the entire review by clicking here.

I told you. I did it. I have a YouTube channel, which I have recently named “Coffee and Cats” – and I posted my first video. I have more waiting to be uploaded, too, so I am excited to venture out into the YouTube world. This will be my only video with an intro. If you subscribe, you will actually get to see my videos one day early. That’s my little gift to those who click the big red “subscribe” button. (You might also get dibs on being a guest. Hint. Hint.)

Today, we’re talking about Author Confessions – those little (and sometimes embarrassing) secrets authors have. So, get behind the scenes, check it out, and tell me your secrets in the comments below here or there. Mine might just involve weird hats and frogs…Okay. So they involve weird hats and frogs. I’m not sure how else I can tempt you. Temptation has been activated.

I am working hard to be able to afford a better camera, so any donations would be greatly appreciated. I am also planning on using my camera for helping authors and readers online, but that news will have to come out later 😀 I hope you enjoyed my first video. This is just the beginning of another, exciting journey.


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Donate to ShannonAThompson.com

19 thoughts on “Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel

  1. I hate my voice, except for my singing one. I’m sure you will have great things to share. It’s still early here so I will watch when the sun is up.

  2. That was funny. Author confessions . . . uh.

    1. Editing mistake that I’m still being teased about: ‘she was through clear across the clearing’. My editor contacted me immediately and said she was going to throw her Kindle clear across the room for that one.

    2. I cry when I kill characters and edit those scenes.

    3. I had a lucky stapler, which broke. I refuse to throw out the remains.

    4. If I’m on the bed while writing/outlining, I move all over the place. I’m talking leaning back, curled up, hanging off the edge, feet on the slanted ceiling, etc. It actually annoys my wife because she does yoga and I’m like a human slinky when I’m not paying attention.

    5. For the life of me, I keep getting one of my main character’s eye color wrong. 7 books of the series written and I still have to double-check my facts.

  3. As someone who greatly admires the moving image, I always aim to watch things in the best quality possible.

    But watching that video, I realized that they eyeballs of human beings in 2014 deserve better.

    So that’s why I just donated a small amount so you can hopefully get a new camera (one that shoots in at least 720P).

    Good luck with that! 🙂

  4. Congratulations on reaching 15,000 followers, Shannon. Very well deserved!

    I will check out your latest Youtube video when I am in a more video-friendly area – I have the most shockingly poor mobile internet connection at the moment 😦

  5. Viewing your video I now understand why you have 15000 followers. Great writer and a wonderful personality. What a potent mix and the essential ingredients to capture your followers. Well done Shannon. Oh yes,…….you look great too.

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