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#MondayBlogs Writing Tips for Love Interests

Romance sells. This is a proven publishing fact. Though that doesn’t mean you should add romance to your novel just to add it, romance is quite popular in ANY genre, and let’s be real, love is everywhere. The chances of writing a book with no one (not even a side character) falling in love or… Continue reading #MondayBlogs Writing Tips for Love Interests

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Insta-Love isn’t Instant

Announcements: Everyone can expect a cover reveal of Death Before Daylight on November 6th – this also means I will not have a blog post on the 5th. I need an extra day to prep everything, but I hope your excitement will make the wait! My latest interview and review has been posted on the… Continue reading Insta-Love isn’t Instant

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Spreading the Love

Shannon - here - for one announcement and a small introduction. Special thanks goes out to everyone who came to the Indie Romance Convention last night! The event was amazing, and my Amazon rankings even went up! Thank you for checking out The Timely Death Trilogy and supporting me as we near the release date of… Continue reading Spreading the Love


June’s Ketchup

Here we are again – the end of the month, the beginning of a new one soon to come. Ketchup posts are among my favorite type of posts (but really, who can choose?) because I enjoy sharing what was the most popular and least popular here on ShannonAThompson.com. If you’re new, these “Ketchup” posts are… Continue reading June’s Ketchup

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Writing Tips: Lovers

Writing Tips: Lovers Read my latest interview by clicking here. I talk about fellow Indie authors who’ve inspired me, Take Me Tomorrow, and so much more! … The protagonist lover characters seem to follow these molds: Gorgeous, mysterious, heart-striken male who cannot communicate his feelings until death is threatening separation, because of some past that… Continue reading Writing Tips: Lovers


Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel

ShannonAThompson.com hit 15,000 followers! Thank you for continuing to support my writing dream. You are the reason I can share my stories with the world. You are the reason I have met so many wonderful readers, writers, and dreamers. You are the reason because you are the dream. From my dreaming soul, thank you.  Ever… Continue reading Author Confessions on my YouTube Channel