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What Writers Can Learn from Reading Their OLD Work

I’ve been writing stories ever since I learned how to write. I’m not kidding. My first pieces of work go back to when I was 4 years old. My first story was a 5-page rambling piece about my new husky throwing a party so that the two older dogs would attend and possibly befriend him.… Continue reading What Writers Can Learn from Reading Their OLD Work


Why I’m Not Blogging Right Now

Hey, folks! I know I’ve been absent from the blogging world for longer than ever since I began in 2012. Some of you might have noticed that I returned to social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), so I thought I’d post a short (okay, so I tried to make it short) explanation as to why… Continue reading Why I’m Not Blogging Right Now

Writing Tips

#WW Why Dedications Are Important

Why Dedications Are Important Today I wanted to cover a topic I find personally important in my novels. It may not be as vital to every author out there, but I place a lot of my heart into dedicating my novel to someone for many reasons, and I thought I would share why. I’m also… Continue reading #WW Why Dedications Are Important


Seconds Before Sunrise

So you've read Minutes Before Sunset, and you've been wondering: where is Seconds Before Sunrise? Well, I'm here to tell you.  As of now, AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. is still expecting to release it this Fall (Sept. 21 - Dec. 21) and I will let you know if this changes. The cover is currently under… Continue reading Seconds Before Sunrise