Why I’m Not Blogging Right Now

Hey, folks! I know I’ve been absent from the blogging world for longer than ever since I began in 2012. Some of you might have noticed that I returned to social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), so I thought I’d post a short (okay, so I tried to make it short) explanation as to why I haven’t returned to my weekly writing tips posts.

Mainly, my schedule is still insane.

It’s easy to send out a tweet here and there. But writing 1,500-word blog posts every week? That takes a lot more time and energy that I simply don’t have right now.

I’m adjusting to my new job at the library. (I’m finally through training, which YAY!) I love it. It’s super fun, and I look forward to seeing where I go with it. But between working at the library and coming home to edit novels, (which I’m still doing btw; please don’t hesitate to contact me about my services), I have very little writing time for myself. And my writing time needs to come before blogging. If you’re interested in what I’ve been up to at the library, here are two displays I created for my branch: Juvenile Fiction for Spring: April Showers and May Flowers, and Travel the World with YA.

Also, unfortunately, I’m still having health issues. Some people on the blogosphere are super comfortable getting into details about these things, but I’m not, and I hope you understand. I will say this, though. I’ve been getting a lot of tests done. I’m actually working with three different doctors right now, and waiting to get into yet another specialist soon. Not knowing exactly what is wrong or how to fix it is a major stressor in my life, and my energy levels have been nearly zapped between work, editing, and being sick. Not to mention how expensive health care is in the US right now. I promise I’m working at getting better though. But again, my health has to be a priority.

With all that being said, I don’t think I’ll be blogging on the regular any time soon, but I promise to keep everyone updated as much as possible.

In other news…

The LitUp Festival went amazing! I mean, check out that fan art of Serena and Daniel from Bad Bloods. My teen interviewer was super nice and extremely brave for being part of a teen-run festival. I had a blast!

The Bad Bloods: November Snow audiobook narrated by Jonathan Johns released! You can get it everywhere books are sold. I hope you enjoy the conclusion of the first duology.

I’ve also had the privilege of listening to the Minutes Before Sunset audiobook narrated by Sarah Puckett and Steve Campbell, and it’s AMAZING. It should release soon, so keep your eyes open. ❤ If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to record an audiobook, watch this behind-the-scenes video! It’s super neat.

Cancer-free kitty

My favorite news? My cat Boo Boo beat cancer this week. We found out he had thyroid cancer a few months ago, and he’s been battling it with treatments for a while now. He had surgery once it was small enough, and then we got his blood re-tested, and he’s cancer-free. He may be 16, but he’s one tough cat. I’m super happy about that.

In writing news, I’m officially working on three books. I’m editing/rewriting my first YA historical, first drafting a YA sci-fi, and brainstorming/outlining a YA fantasy. No publications coming up, but I hope you understand. ❤ I’m really enjoying taking some time to write just for me. But I am looking forward to sharing these novels one day!

Oh, and I turn 27 tomorrow. Crazy, right?

As always, I hope all of you are doing well.

Stay in touch.


18 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Blogging Right Now

  1. Happy Birthday,Shannon ! Wishing you well on all your endeavors. Do what you have to do for yourself first. You take care of yourself and things will fall into place. For sure, we will all hear from you somehow, when you’re ready to resume blogging. Have a great summer! Am happy for your cat Boo Boo too! Am not surprised—he has 9 lives!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your understanding and well wishes. I feel super guilty about not being around as much, but I’m getting better about that. And, yes, Boo Boo seems indestructible. He’s pretty amazing. ❤

  2. Have a great Birthday today Shannon on a Summer Saturday.
    If you did do anything to celebrate the pools are opened, and possibly a great day to swim if it’s hot today where you live.

    Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom might be a great movie to see which is a continuation of Jurassic World, Heridatry has been getting praise and compliments might be a great Horror movie it isn’t something from a existing movie franchise and I hrard something about it’s this Decade’s The Exorcist so possibly a masterpiece and proof Hollywood has 0 valid excuses for not mostly making original movies , etc.

    Possibly Applebees, Old Chicago, Outback Steakhouse, TGIFridays, etc might have some special for persons with Birthdays.

    Also great to hear your Cat Boo Boo defeated the disease Cancer.
    If you wanted you could use a similar event in 1 of your books.

      1. Your welcome.

        I did see Jurassic World The Fallen Kingdom yesterday.
        A terrific movie that sets up the 6 Jurassic Park movie.

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