My Average Day as a Writer

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Happy holidays! Happy reading!

Since we’re in-between holidays, I really wanted to share a light and funny post, so I decided to share pictures from my average day as a writer – which you will find below. (I’ll probably do a more serious post on my average day as a writer another day.) But I hope you enjoy my chaotic life as much as I do.

1. Wake up and make coffee: this is only the beginning of my caffeinated life.


2. Desk Time: Once I’ve had enough Morning Joe, I return to my bedroom and stare at my desk. If you’ve been following me since January, then you might remember this photo of my desk from “What’s On Your Desk?


But this is what my desk looks like currently:

What can I say? Finals might as well have been a bomb going off.
What can I say? Finals might as well have been a bomb going off.

3. Rethink desk time: Since I don’t feel like organizing it, I set up shop in the living room. Whether I’m doing social media work for AEC Stellar Publishing, Inc. or writing, I LIVE on this chair.

Do you see the cat-shaped coffee mug?

4. Now that I’m settled down, I need more coffee. (Tea is okay, too.) Did you notice the Elvis coffee mug?


5. I also need pens – so I search through my purse that might as well be the rabbit hole in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


Until I find pens. They MUST be black, G2 pens.


6. Now, we write, and we write a lot.


7. After writing even more, we finally cuddle with Bogart the cat. He’s been waiting.


8. And now I need more coffee.


9. So it’s late, and I generally go to a local hookah house – where I continue my writing adventures.


10. Don’t worry. When I get home, there’s no more coffee for me. Just the sweet ending to a wonderful day of writing and the beginning of a new one.


18 thoughts on “My Average Day as a Writer

  1. G-2s!!! I found out about these pens at the post office where I work and I won’t use a different one. I just told my sister-in-law/writing partner that she needs to get some G-2s because there’s no better pen out there.

    Great post! I love hearing about how other writers spend an average day.

  2. Thanks for the honest insight.

    I admired the meticulously ordered desk for a long time as I tried to find the hand-written manuscript that I am currently typing up. Surely the bomb had a dud fuse? I would post a photo of my desk but the camera is buried somewhere.

    Coffee is one of my many bad habits, too. I recently bought a new kettle when the old one blew up. It looked good. I could boil one cup only to save energy and the blurb on the side said it whistled to let you know its job was done. I discovered to my endless frustration that the whistle is electronic and only sounds when the kettle switches off, even if I knock it off myself before it boils too long. Aargh! I stand there glaring at the darned thing while it screeches at me yelling at it: “I know you’ve switched off. I knocked you off myself, you stupid thing.” It never argues back, instead it sits there glowering hotly at me.

    I love Bogart. My cat is called Maisie. she wouldn’t like Bogart. She has many potential suitors who come a -courting but dismisses them all with a hiss and an angrily twitching tail.

    Thanks again for the post. It cheered me up.

    Marcus Canon

  3. Steps 1-4, I’m the same way! Haha. I love looking at other writers’ process. I’m terrible at being a petty procrastinator, like “oh? Do I need coffee? I’ll also need cookies to go with it. I also need all of my blank notebooks. EVERYTHING MUST BE IN ARM’S REACH!”

  4. Not sure which I like better – the fact that you have an Elvis mug or a cat named “Bogart”. I have a Sinatra mug, and had a dachshund named “Frank” – named for you know who…

    Thank you for following my blog, Shannon; I’m glad I made my way to yours!

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