16 thoughts on “A Day in My Life as an Author and Publisher

  1. my day basically consists of: preparing for school, going to school, homework, go to bed for school. After doing that for roughly 200 days of the year I can say I’m a little sick of it.
    Although I must say your job sounds rather exciting, as you mentioned every day is different and I’m a fan of change 🙂

  2. I’m impressed (and envious) that you are able to structure your days in such an organised manner. I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to time management. Although it doesn’t help when things outside my control (e.g. family drama) intrude upon my time.

    1. Oh – trust me – it took a long while for me to realize what times I should be doing certain things and at what point, I had to move onto the next task whether I was done or not with the previous one. I morphed into the Mad Hatter before I ever achieved grounding in the schedule, and I still slip every now and then.

  3. That’s a pretty intense schedule. Not really sure how to explain my schedule without going for too long. Have a post about it going up in late November, but that’s partially tongue in cheek. It really depends on the kid situation. A morning where he’s a beast before getting him on the bus tends to force me into a less productive day.

  4. You’re living the dream! That sounds like a wonderful way to spend a work day. Or any day, really. I’ve been slacking quite a bit on the writing fiction front but soon I’ll be working harder on it. My day job revolves around in the agriculture so all my time and energy has been spent towards that lately. I admire your work ethic. There’s so many people these days that aren’t willing to work for what they want and wonder why they aren’t getting there. Great post as always!

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