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Available on Barnes & Noble

EXCITING NEWS 😀 (Click any of the links to see the page. I’ve also added a NOOK widget to the right side of my page.)

November Snow (NOOK Book) is now available on Barnes & Noble.

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.55.07 AM

I’m really excited and happy about this, because November Snow (Paperback) will also be available through them in the next two months. So look out for that. Once that happens, I’m working at doing local events within their community, so I’ll be posting about those as they come.

I hope everyone’s Sunday is fantastic, and don’t forget to come by the Undergraduate Reading Series this Wednesday if you’re in Kansas!

Since I know most of you don’t live in Kansas, I’ll be sure to post what I read when that evening comes.

Keep reading, writing, and follow your passion! November Snow is also on Facebook (Click here.)


P.S Barnes & Noble also added Editorial Reviews onto my page (so check those out!):

Screen Shot 2013-02-02 at 11.55.33 AM

13 thoughts on “Available on Barnes & Noble

  1. That’s really exciting! I have one book that I’m currently reading, but after that, I need more good books to read. I just saw that it’s not available for Kindle, aw! I’ll have to wait until I move to Germany to pick it up, then. :/

    1. Unfortunately, Amazon Kindle wouldn’t allow me to keep my contract if I signed with Barnes & Noble, so Amazon will continue to sell my paperback, but Kindle is no longer available.

      1. Ohh, that stinks! I guess I’ll have to read it regardless of gym time. That’s my treat to myself for working out, getting to read books on my phone that has Kindle, lol.

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