15 thoughts on “The Five Emotional Stages of a Book Signing

  1. Congrats, it sounds really exciting! I’m sure that being a talented, lovely girl with free muffins and a big smile made the books fly off the shelves, even if the experience sounds a bit stressful. 🙂

    1. Thank you! It was really exciting, and I am very grateful I got the opportunity to have one, especially while the weather is still manageable. Who knows? Maybe I can run experiments one day and not take muffins or not smile and count the numbers so I can report back on what works and what doesn’t? I have a feeling a frowning author with no freebies won’t be as fun. ;]

  2. Congrats on the success. The holographic cat stickers sound like the hottest non-book item on the table.

    I’m curious as to how many of each book you brought to the signing. I’m planning on running a vendor/signing table at a convention next April and I’m still trying to figure out how much I need of each book.

    1. I basically brought every single copy I have at home, which I tend to have at least 10 of each sitting with me at all times. I guess I would rather have too many than not enough, so I would bring as many as you can (or even keep extra in the car just in case.) In the end, I think I brought 13 of Take Me Tomorrow, 14 of Minutes Before Sunset, and 9 of Seconds Before Sunrise.

  3. Great that you covered this. Events are one of the things we writers don’t think about as part of our careers. And there’s debate about how useful they are in terms of strictly selling books. For me, it’s important to get out from behind my screen at times.

    1. I completely agree! I think just getting out there can be great exposure (not to mention both fun and exciting for the author). Whether or not someone sold books, I would tell an author to try. I had a few people come in that didn’t buy books, but they took a bookmark and said they like Kindle copies, so who knows? They might buy those or they might tell their friends. One gentleman bought a book for his daughter, which I thought was really neat, but in the end, it was great encouragement, and I think that can be priceless for an author to experience a day meant for their words and stories.

  4. Three years ago, I went to my first conference/book signing and didn’t know what to expect. I quickly found out it was a great experience talking and meeting with people, even with those who didn’t buy any books. A lot of authors seem to be relying on the internet for exposure, and while it is very important, I would encourage everyone to try the “old-fashioned” methods once in awhile. Like you said, it is fun. It also gets your book in front of more people. Never thought of giving out food though…good idea. Freebies are a must!

  5. I am so very happy for you! Congratulations. I am picking up these books immediately from B&N. I cannot wait to read them. 🙂 I am glad that despite some setbacks, your signing went well.

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