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Today marks one week since NaNoWriMo began, yet most of you (my readers) know by now that, although I am an author, I don’t participate. Again, I’d like to clarify that I think NaNoWriMo is a WONDERFUL concept and event for writers to challenge themselves while also coming together. But today I wanted to open your eyes to another event you may not have heard of.

NaJoWriMo: National Journal Writing Month.

It’s real among journalists–I promise.

I’m a HUGE advocate of journaling. I think we can all learn a lot about ourselves and others through taking the time to slow down and truly let your words take over your conscience. I journal every day–and every day, I learn something new about myself. In fact, I surprise myself on a regular basis, especially when I sit down to write about one topic and end up writing about something else all together.

SO…I was thinking–how can I encourage bloggers and writers to not only journal (if they don’t already) but to share their words and to connect with others that share their words?

OpenDiary.com is a FANTASTIC website.

Basically, you can keep an online diary, anonymously or not, and post entries where other writers can read and/or comment on your everyday life. There are plenty of websites like this, but, as I looked around, I found that OpenDiary.com seemed to have the biggest community and easiest format.

So check it out by clicking one of the links above! (You can even type a private one, so it is just for you).

Happy NaNoWriMo and NaJoWriMo!

A small collection of my journals I’ve kept and completed throughout the years.

P.S. As an extra, here are some of my favorite lessons that I wrote which surprised me as they formed on my pages:

…It’s hard to say, but the time of darkness held me in a formed thought of emotion so raw that I had no choice but to feel what I was feeling.

…A part of me wishes I was that strong. Another part of me knows I am. Another PIECE of me is afraid to accept that.

…Maybe I just tell myself I loved you or that we loved one another so that I know I’m capable of loving someone and being loved.

…the consistent flow of water makes me envy the steady stream in a sense that I, too, wish that my words were like rain—constant—consistent—refreshing.


16 thoughts on “Website Wonders: OpenDiary.com

  1. My friend takes her journal with her on her many adventures. I followed her lead and try to record in detail the vacations I’ve gone on. It makes for good memories and is fun to look back over what happened. Plus I like to imagine a granddaughter in the future will tryto follow in my footsteps. I know I would.

  2. I used to journal a lot. Used to keep a computer one on my jumpdrive, then I lost it. I think it got too overwhelming for me to do, but this is a great idea for when I am on a break between books.

  3. I love to keep a journal although I usually don’t manage daily entries. I have a shelf filled with journals. I tend to keep them by topic (travel, novel writing, life). Nice post, Shannon.

  4. I’ve kept notebooks since I was 15 or so. They used to be life journals, but over the years as I’ve shifted more to writing with an eye to publication, they have become work journals – places for working out story ideas and sometimes complaining about what went wrong. Do you keep your personal journal up to date even when you’re working on fiction?

    1. Yes, I do 😀 I journal every day, and I also write fiction whenever possible. They are completely separate for me, although I’m unsure why. It’s very rare that I mention publishing and/or writing in my personal journals, which normally revolve around life reflections about daily events.

      1. Huh. That sounds really…restful. For me, it all just spills together. I feel like, on any given day, I have X amount of time for words at my desk. And I’ve never been good at journaling in the diary/events sense, it’s all just a big, scattered spill.

  5. Wow…your personal insights were amazing! Especially the one about strength. Felt like I was reading about myself! I believe my sister used to use OpenDiary.com. I always preferred journal brick & mortar style, a.k.a in a notebook. I too, have an big collection of previous journals. I have a long history of journaling, but I’ll admit, I haven’t been to consistent with it in recent years. Your post has inspired me though. I may just have to get back at it. Thank you so much!

  6. If it weren’t for OpenDiary.com and my new-found courage and strength, I wouldn’t write every day. And the truth of it is, writing every day, as you said, has helped me learn about myself. In big and little ways, but in every way that I’ve needed.

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