5 thoughts on “#SATurdate: BFest, YouTube Tropes, Thirteen Reasons Why, and My Library

  1. I loved your video! You make a lot of really great points. In particular, I like what you had to say about the virgin trope. I feel like I sort of fall into the middle of that category. On the one hand, I’ve always been very introverted and have had limited dating experience, so as I’ve just turned 26, I feel a tad awkward never reading female protags in adult lit who have a more conservative background and aren’t just totally sleeping around all the time. But then on the other hand in more YA lit, as you said, it seems absurd that some female protags can’t even look at a guy without falling a part. I may not have dated a ton in high school, but I certainly knew how to interact with guys! I definitely feel like a lot of balance in this area is lacking.

    Another trope that bothers me too is the virgin female getting with the player boy and having this wildly romantic first time that changes her entire world and makes him into this straight laced, good guy. It just doesn’t seem realistic at all to me. I’m glad that we’re starting to see girls in YA lit who have some experience behind them even if it’s not always something I personally am able to relate to, ya know? Again, balance.

    I’m looking forward to your male tropes video next! Gonna be great. 🙂

    1. Yes, yes, yes! Like you said, I have no problems with girls who are inexperienced in YA, because it definitely happens all the time. What I have an issue with is the extremities of the representation (how every girl in YA seems to be experiencing a boy for the very first time who also happens to be her main love interest – oh, and the boy has a crazy amount of experience). So, I’m glad you brought up the scenes where inexperienced girls seem to set experienced boys “straight.” That is extremely destructive. You’re basically teaching young readers that there is a “certain way” to be, rather than just telling them to be safe, AND you’re suggesting trying to change someone is the ultimate goal when no one should ever try to change anyone. I remember reading “A Daughter of Smoke and Bone” by Laini Taylor and LOVING how the protagonist female had a previous boyfriend before she finds the love interest of the story. And I know that the book gets a bit more complicated than that, but I just loved that there was another person, even though it wasn’t deep nor worked out between them…and she moved on! (Imagine that.) I thought that was really great. Thank you for bringing up such awesome points! I love discussing these tropes in literature, and I hope that we can get more variety because of it. I’m planning to make a male romantic tropes video next month, and while I think all of these tropes work for both genders, I separated them because of the amount that trope happens to that specific gender. Looking forward to talking about those with you, too.
      Thank you for watching and commenting,

      1. Fantastic, Shannon! I think you’ve explained it perfectly. It’s really just the extremities of the writing that are the problem, but I think overall YA lit is moving in a better direction where that is concerned. Hopefully, it keeps on going that way. Looking forward to the next vid and to see what tropes you call out for the gents!

      2. Agreed! Like Laini Taylor’s book, I’ve seen wider spectrums of characters in regards to all situations and backgrounds. It’s great to see YA grow! I figured since I did a book boyfriend video before I did a book girlfriend video that the ladies were up to go first this time. 🙂

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