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Writing Tips: Colors

4 days until Minutes Before Sunset is release! Don’t forget:

  • E-book will be available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble May 1st, but paperback will take a little longer. I will announce it when it is available. 
  • The first chapter can be previewed by clicking the PDF file: First Chapter Preview
  • Please Like Minutes Before Sunset on Facebook by clicking the link or the button below! It means a lot to me, because it helps spread the word about my novel. Send me a message, and I’ll like yours, too!

Please Like Minutes Before Sunset on Facebook by clicking here! It means a lot to me, because it helps spread the word about my novel. Send me a message, and I'll like yours, too!

I wanted to apologize for not posting every other day (like I usually do) but I’ve been crazy busy! Who knew being a college senior and publishing my second novel could take up so much time???? (If only my finals were done.)

See? I used Roiworld (Via CandyDoll Maker on my last post) to make myself :D I enjoy using these sites all the time.
See? I used Roiworld (Via CandyDoll Maker on my last post) to make myself 😀 I enjoy using these sites all the time.

However, I will be reading at the University of Kansas in the English Room May 8, 2013 from 11 a.m. to 12:15 a.m.. If you’re in Kansas, come by and check out some great poets! I will also have an author signing once the paperback comes out in Shawnee, Kansas. So look out for that announcement!

But onto the writing tips.

These are probably my favorite posts. I love them, because I love discussing them afterwards with all of you. (I will probably post another one on April 29th) And I hope you guys have fun with them as much I as I do sharing them (not to mention using them myself.)

Today’s topic is colors, because we, as writers, are artists, and artists generally LOVE colors. However, it seems in writing that the color spectrum (that is wonderfully magnificent and, not to mention, giant) is simply overlooked. Yes. We have all read emerald green, violet, or sea blue. But what about ash violet, orchid petal, and brinjal, not to mention merlot (the color of my bedroom in my first house), Dorian Gray, mouse’s back, or chilled chardonnay? I realize some of these colors may seem ridiculous in prose, but there are colors you can use or at least be inspired by.

Personally, I LOVE using Lowe’s Paint Color Fan Decks. Seriously. Go to Lowe’s, visit their paint section, and just read through some of their color descriptions. This is particularly wonderful to me, because I am a very physical person. The internet doesn’t really provide the vibrancy I want. But paint palates do. And their creative names may give you more ideas than you will think. Unfortunately, Lowe’s does not offer their paint names online, but they have hundreds of them in store (and who doesn’t like an excuse to get out of the house?) However, there are many house decorating sites that do offer unique paint names.

There’s also another site, and it’s in my top ten favorite websites: Color Name & Hue provides an interactive color wheel, and it’s also usable for people who are colorblind, because it provides descriptions. For instance, the picture below is of the website. I randomly clicked a space within the colors, and it provided the color “sherpa blue” beneath the hue “green.” The second picture shows the color after I shifted the bar on the right (opacity) which changed the color to “oracle” within the same shade “green” since the mouse never moved.

Photos taken by screenshots on http://www.color-blindness.com/color-name-hue/
Photos taken by screenshots on http://www.color-blindness.com/color-name-hue/

I recommend trying this out when thinking about colors within descriptions, whether it’s an area or your characters’ physical traits. Who knows? You may change your character’s eyes from emerald green to fruit salad (joke) or to amulet. 

Hope you enjoyed today’s post! And, as usual, I thank all of you for supporting me during my publication journey. There may be a surprise in the acknowledgements page for you all 😀 


April 29: More Writing Tips (Hopefully :D)

May 1: “Minutes Before Sunset” Release Party!!

22 thoughts on “Writing Tips: Colors

  1. Ah, I adore you Shannon. Thank you for sharing all your tips. They really help, and it’s great to get to know authors more, especially in their writing. Great tips as always I look forward to reading more. They inspired me to want to share similar experiences 😀

    1. Wow! Thank you for being such a loyal follower, Ky! I’m glad you enjoy them. If you’d have anything you’d like me to post about, let me know, because I’ll surely write about it (and credit to you for asking, of course)

      1. Of course Shannon! It’s been a blessing to have come across your blog. Truly has – your a wonderful writer, and you give so much back to your readers. I love that you interact so much and overall your a lovely person.

        I will keep it in mind, if I ever have some questions 😀 I look forward to your future posts, as always.


      1. OMG , I ‘m sorry I did not realize you are a student there! I could have sworn I read your “about” section before. I must be working way to hard lately.
        My nephews are both there and one is graduating this year also! Rock Chalk!

      2. o0o haha! Same here, because I thought you were saying that towards me going there. Now I realize you were talking about you. Lol Crazy how working too hard causes your brain to go over things like that.
        Congrats on your nephews’ future graduations!

    1. Thank you very much for reflagging. I really appreciate it when followers spread my words, no matter what it is about, because my ultimate goal is striving to help others, and you allow that to happen!

  2. I’m amazed that you keep up this blog with all that you’re involved in. But congrats on publishing your second novel and your readings. I love color, so this post is very inspiring. Thanks for the tips, especially about paint!

  3. Thanks for the good reminder. I’ve worked with paint color strips.
    My favorite color is Burnt Sienna, and I’ve never been sure how much is because of the color and how much because of the name. Hope the launch goes well.

  4. That is a fantastic idea! While I was trying to describe a prince’s outfit in my last book I had to change the purple color from plum to something else and eggplant just wasn’t cutting it LOL It never occurred to me to check the color wheels of paint and that website is awesome:) Good luck with the signings!

    1. I’m so glad you have a particular situation that works with this piece of advice! I love hearing stories like that, because it helps me tune into more specifics towards why I would advise this. Happy you liked the website :] Thanks for the reblog.

  5. HA! Now I have an excuse to go to Lowe’s with my husband! Very nice tip for coming up with interesting color descriptors. I will share it on my FB page, if you don’t mind. I went and liked your book’s FB page, and read the opener to the book. Intriguing start. Well done.

    1. Of course :] Thank you. I’m always excited to connect !
      And thank you for the compliments. I’m always very grateful when the tips are shared. Want to help as many writers as possible 😀

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